Обеспечения защиты информации и ИТ ресурсов

Providing the protection of information and IT resources

Selection and integration of NGFW to ensure the protection of information and IT resources in the field of Agricultural resources.

GTP Firewall

GTP Firewall

Integration of NGFW Palo Alto Networks using the GTP network protocol, which provided the client with a complete inspection of user traffic.

Безопасность мобильных устройств

Mobile device security

Integration of a solution that can ensure the protection of mobile devices of bank employees from unauthorized access and leakage of confidential data.

Построение надежный системы автоматической защиты

Building a reliable automatic protection system

To fulfill the client's task of building a reliable system of automatic protection against Internet threats for all PC users working remotely, we have chosen virtual NGFW from Palo Alto Networks.

Построение и внедрение системы защиты корпоративной сети

Development and implementation of a corporate network protection system

The client gave the task of organizing the protection of the company's corporate network and endpoints. After evaluation of the current state of network security and considering the client's wishes, ESKA's experts proposed NGFW from Palo Alto Networks including Traps technology.

Разработка и организация тренингов по противостоянию фишинговым атакам

Development and organization of training on anti-phishing

The client gave a task to organize training on countering phishing attacks for their employees. Together with a partner, ESKA's specialists have developed an individual solution to simulate phishing attacks.

Мониторинг сетевых устройств банка Solarwinds

Bank network devices monitoring

Monitoring the state of the bank's network devices and providing the reports.
Implementation of a performance tracking system for remote banking applications.

Мониторинг сетевых устройств банка Solarwinds

Monitoring the performance of remote banking applications with Dynatrace

To increase the efficiency of the bank's automated system and as a result to improve the quality of customer service we have implemented a system for tracking the performance of applications. We have chosen the Dynatrace platform as a perfect solution.

Мониторинг сетевых устройств банка Solarwinds

Integration of monitoring system for business applications from Dynatrace

One of the largest banks in Ukraine contacted us with a request to improve the efficiency of the bank's automated system to improve the quality of banking services to customers. Another task was to increase the efficiency of each employee. The Dynatrace platform was chosen as a solution. 

IТ Аудит инфраструктуры

IT Infrastructure Audit

A comprehensive audit of IT infrastructure, IT systems, and information security systems of the organization, assessments of the current state, and recommendations for the development of IT infrastructure

IT Аудит корпоративной сети

IT Audit of a corporate network

We have conducted an audit of the corporate network and analyzed the security of the network. After that, we decided on optimizing the construction of the network and provided recommendations for segmentation and further scaling.

Миграция активного и сетевого оборудования в центре данных, оптимизация его инфраструктуры

Migration of active and network equipment in the data center, optimization of its infrastructure

We have reorganized the bank's structure, optimized the operating and overhead costs, and restructured the IT infrastructure.

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