NGFW Palo Alto Networks

Обеспечения защиты информации и ИТ ресурсов

- Providing the protection of information and IT resources

Task: a company from the Agricultural segment contacted us with the task of selecting a modern NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) to ensure the protection of information and IT resources.
We suggested an NGFW from Palo Alto Networks (USA).

NGFW from Palo Alto Networks is the best solution for protecting all IT infrastructure, personal data, confidential information, both On-premise, and Cloud. For eight years in a row, it gets the best rates and acknowledgment from Gartner and Forrester.

Palo Alto Networks NGFW has a unique and patented "Single Pass" solution architecture that makes Palo Alto the fastest NGFW firewall on the market.
NGFW from Palo Alto Networks provides reliable protection when all its functionality is properly integrated, it grants low traffic drop, which makes this solution very predictable. (It is a big plus, according to NSS-Labs reports).
The client conducted pilot testing of solutions from Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, and Cisco, as a result of which they’ve settled on a solution from Palo Alto Networks thanks to the coordinated work of the integrator engineers (ESKA) and the Client.

Areas, where Palo Alto Networks' solution received top marks, are the price-performance ratio, responsiveness of Palo Alto TAC support, and easy-to-learn user-friendly interface.

How we solved the problem:

The old firewall of another manufacturer was replaced with NGFW from Palo Alto Networks;
We've set up the rules for protecting IT resources and information such as Content-ID, User-ID, App-ID, according to the wishes of the customer and the recommendations of Palo Alto Networks;
The well-coordinated work of our engineers and the customer made it possible to ensure the integration of NGFW with internal systems and completion of the implementation within a short time;
We have also carried out several training and consultations for the customer's administrators.