Мониторинг сетевых устройств банка с Solarwinds

- Monitoring of devices in the bank network

Client:One of our clients, which is included in the TOP-20 banks of Ukraine in terms of its assets, contacted us with a request to monitor the state of the bank's network devices and provide them with reports. Since our company has extensive experience and high qualifications in the implementation and management of monitoring systems, we fully took upon the issues of technical support and provision of a monitoring service for the bank's infrastructure.
Audit:In the course of the research, our technical specialists understood that there is a lack of communication channels within branches and departments, which contradicted the existing terms of the Agreement on the quality of services between the provider and the bank.
What has been done:Our experts have developed a special solution that will allow them to track and record:1. The operation mode of the Internet2. The principle of providing a technical support service 3. Communication recovery time (regional center, working/non-working hours)4. Time of communication restoration (district center, working/non-working hours)5. Average waiting time6. Deviation from the average waiting time (regional center)7. Deviation from the average waiting time (district center)8. Ratio of information packet loss (regional center/district center)9. Coefficient of network availability (regional center/district center)

Solution elements:The project is based on SolarWinds Products:1. Monitor network performance2. VoIP network quality manager3. Additional Polling Engine4. Failover Engine5. Special software SK-CONSULTING (ESKA) was developed to create a unified provider notification network, that is integrated with the SolarWinds Orion system and the client's mail servers. Implementation stages:Launch of the SolarWinds Orion monitoring systemAs a result of this phase, the following steps were taken to optimize and prepare the SolarWinds platform for further automation:✓ launch of a new platform on the Orion database server✓ customization and optimization of the database server✓ updating the versions of Orion software modules✓ system reconfiguration
Installation of the Orion monitoring system, preparation of the system for integration. As a result of this phase, the configuration of SQL messages that collect data about network devices and communication channels was developed. The concept of messaging was implemented. The process for classifying the reasons for the loss of communication with the bank's management was automated.The random escalation of levels was configured.
The specialized software was launched.At this stage, the specialized SolarWinds software was launched, and the integration with the MS Exchange mail server was carried out. The function of setting the time of access to the provider and recording requests was implemented. The software was installed directly on the Orion application server. The program is configured to successfully connect to the mail server and the database server, creating the single united system. The software interacts with the Orion mail server and database server to generate a complete report in the future, both within the SolarWinds system and outside it. By connecting to the mailbox using authentication and encryption, the software collects all the necessary information into a pre-prepared and specially created table on the database server. TestingAs a result of this stage of testing the functioning of the system, errors were corrected and the work readiness was demonstrated to the Client. As a result of the work, we have developed a method for detecting the fact of provider’s violation of the Agreement on the quality of services and a software product that, together with the SolarWinds monitoring system, can determine the reason for the lack of communication, inform the provider about the incident and record the time of its elimination.
This product made it possible to automatically keep track of incidents and generate detailed reports. As a result, the Client received more complete information about the state of the bank's network infrastructure and got the quality control service of the acquired data transmission services.