IT Audit

Миграция активного и сетевого оборудования в центре данных, оптимизация его инфраструктуры

- Migration of active and network equipment in the data center, optimization of its infrastructure

Client:One of the Ukrainian banks approached us with a request to reorganize the bank's structure, optimize operating and overhead costs, reengineer and rebuild the IT infrastructure.
Task:● To reduce the number of bank production sites● To equip and optimize the existing bank infrastructure● To reduce the cost of supporting IT infrastructure.
Stages:1. Analysis of schemes for the construction and functioning of IT banking systems, and the rights to access them. 2. Analysis of the active and network equipment of the bank at all production facilities of the bank.3. Analysis of all bank’s virtualization systems.4. Analysis of bank reference services.5. Preliminary audit of banking information systems.6. Compilation and approval of the list of inactive equipment to form a buffer pool of resources.7. Development of an IT infrastructure scheme with decryption of each service, its new parameters, including the placement of equipment, schemes for the interaction of services, as well as their components.8. Transfer of equipment to the data center.9. Installation, switching, and preliminary configuration of equipment in the data center.10. Transfer of existing IP addresses, setting up new "white" IP addresses in the data center.11. Connecting and configuring network equipment in the data center.12. Creation of VPN tunnels from the data center on the territory of the bank.13. Implementation of virtualization cluster in VMware Data Center VMware ESXi 5.5.14. Creation of additional domain controllers for internal banking domains.15. Transferring domain controller roles to virtual servers in the data center.16. Testing the directory service.17. Full description of monitoring and configuring the hardware of servers (idrac, iLo), remote control interfaces, KVM connection, use of remote administration tools.18. Transfer of physical domain controllers to virtual data centers.19. Gradual transfer and optimization of all services from the bank's production facilities to the data center.20. Switching from hardware routers to software routers based on VyOS (, setting up an encrypted tunnel using the AES encryption algorithm with a 256-bit key (AES256 standard).21. Preparation of technical documentation for the project.
Result:● Reduction of server and telecommunication equipment, decommissioning about 60% of the total number of active equipment.● Reduction of bank expenses by 22% for IT infrastructure maintenance.● The growth in the level of server hardware virtualization based on VMWare is up to 70%.