Интеграция системы мониторинга для бизнес-приложений Dynatrace

- Integrating the monitoring system of business applications

Request● increasing the bank's automated system efficiency to improve the quality of service for the bank's clients and the productivity of employees;
● establishing communication with the developers of the bank's automated system and reducing the time required to eliminate malfunctions.

SolutionDynatrace platform was chosen as a solution. This product is the most intelligent and cost-effective APM solution for modern application architectures.
Dynatrace system is based on PurePath. The technology collects software contextual data at the code level with time reference for all transactions, and provides end-to-end monitoring, from the moment the user clicks on the database and back through all the architectural components.

Dynatrace platform provides the fastest root-cause detection of the problems in any product available on the market: within one click you can get to the required line of code. Dynatrace has developed the best APM on the market to provide the required level of visibility, the right context, and the adaptability needed to address application disruptions and performance and user interface issues on time.