Разработка и организация тренингов по противостоянию фишинговым атакам

- Development and organization of training on anti-phishing

ClientOne of the largest banks network with foreign capital. TaskThe Client gave the task of organizing training for their employees on countering phishing attacks.
SolutionNone of the boxed solutions existing on the market suited the Customer. Together with a partner, ESKA specialists have developed an individual solution for countering phishing attacks. This system was designed for several phishing scenarios:

● The generation of phishing emails was consistent, and it has created different and trustworthy emails.
● The system obtained an ability to generate attacks on specific groups and departments, and after the attack simulation, it immediately conducted performance analysis, showing who from the employees has fallen for dangerous tricks.

The first such phishing attack caught 73% of employees, which has shown a low awareness of employees about the dangers of such cyber threats. As a result of the training, the level of literacy of employees in resisting phishing attacks has significantly increased. Now the company continues to periodically conduct such training for its employees, increasing the security of its banking system and customer data.

Employees are the first line of defense for a company and an integral part of its cybersecurity system. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of the cyber-awareness of the staff.