Cyber Security Awareness Training

Humans are the weakest link in the digital world. It happens in a blink of an eye: an employee carelessly opens an e-mail, and your entire company comes to a standstill, having severe consequences: encrypted IT systems, ransom demands, manipulated data, and interrupted processes.
The ESKA's cyber awareness training shows your employees how to recognize the potential threats and deal with them.


What can you expect?

Online training sequences for dealing with Internet threats, so your employees become cyber-aware.

Simulated phishing attacks with an evaluation of employee reactions to gain the experience in incident response.

Minimize the chance of a data breach.

Report with the most critical findings from the training session.

Extra defense layer.

Why should your company invest in
cybersecurity threats awareness training?

Make the humans not the weakest link in your cybersecurity chance but an additional defense layer.

Meet the compliance standards

    Show a culture of compliance. Demonstrating that your enterprise takes cybersecurity compliance seriously is an integral part, and awareness training on cybersecurity matters is vital.
    Be always ready for an audit. If your company's safety requirement standard is ISO 27001, you should demonstrate that your employees are cyber-aware. After conducting cybersecurity training, this would never be an issue.
    Protect your organization from paying non-compliance fees. No business wants to waste its budget to pay the fines for non-compliance, and nobody wants to damage the hard-won company's reputation.

Benefit your business 

    Humans as the last line of defense. Protect your business's data and reputation and save high costs by training your staff on secure digital behavior.
    90% of data breaches result from human error. Companies build their workforce into a human firewall by imparting knowledge in training courses and practicing correct behavior in everyday office life. This significantly minimizes the risk of becoming a victim of cyberattacks.
    Nurture the cyber-awareness culture. Create a culture of employee responsibility putting your employees at the heart of your cybersecurity strategy.

ESKA has a thorough approach to cybersecurity training

The program that we offer includes:

    Your employees would be trained via interactive and intensive modules created by our instructors. Each model corresponds to a separate threat, giving its clear vision and understanding and providing the employee with the best practices to respond to the security issue they face. After the training, the level of staff responsibility rises drastically since they see their impact on the company’s security, understanding that they’re its integral part. The topics of the security module vary from phishing attacks to human engineering, ransomware and setting passwords, and basic yet essential knowledge of information fraud and insider threats.
    Customized training. In this type of training, we let you choose the employees you think are in a risk group and train them additionally or one-on-one.
    Polishing the knowledge in real-life testing. After each module, we test the employees, which allows tracking and documenting their progress so you can know their understanding and behavior around each passed security module. This approach lets you see how their knowledge evolves with each module.

Process of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Make your employees an integral part of your cybersecurity shield.
The workflow offered by ESKA goes like this:


First, we test your employees' awareness before training.


We train them with many standards or customized modules that show your employees how to recognize threats and deal with them.


After each module, we repeat the testing phase to check how they have assimilated the knowledge.


We demonstrate the social engineering attack in a simulated yet safe way.


We record the behavior of your employees and report the result of awareness training in a practical report.


To finalize and round up the training, we conduct output testing.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Awareness Training 

IT systems can be protected with technical measures. The humans – not. Therefore, it is essential to train the employees and prepare them for possible cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity awareness training will boost the employees' cyber-awareness levels to protect your businesses' critical assets from any type of cyber threat.

Boost your employee's cyber-awareness

Make your employees not a security gap but a shield against cyber-attacks by making your employees accountable for their role in the company's security efforts.

Minimize the risk

Awareness is a must-have forefront security measure. Secure digital handling is a key to a company's human-error-free cyber health. By investing in security training, you could prevent data breaches and minimize all security-related risks.

Improve customer trust

Cyber-aware staff with a secure digital behavior can grant clients' personal information reliable digital handling.

Ready to turn your staff into a human firewall?

Cybersecurity is no longer just the job of the IT department. IT security is a matter for the entire workforce. Do you know whether your employees, processes, and systems are safe from cyber-attacks? ESKA can tell you! Use us as your IT security service provider expert to fill out the gaps in IT security.
As a cyber security service provider, we will work with you to find the most effective way to sensitize your employees to cyber-attacks in the long term and sustainably.

Make your employees aware of using the Internet and e-mail safely – ESKA will support you.


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