Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM solutions allow organizations to analyze the information security of their IT systems and provide real-time alerts generated in reaction to the operation of their network equipment/systems or applications. ESKA security experts help to integrate SIEM into your IT system.


What do SIEM solutions address?

Large numbers of data sources

SIEM provides infrastructure performance monitoring, complies with internal policies, and logs standardization from thousands of different sources.

Large numbers of security information systems 

SIEM integration improves functional growth between existing products (DLP, IDS, IDM), thereby maximizing the effect of each component.

Infrastructure distributed over a wide geographic area

SIEM can help organize work effectively, maintain the performance of a distributed infrastructure network, and ensure its control from a single center.

Regulatory requirements

A SIEM system can help an organization meet compliance requirements by automatically generating reports that include all logged security events from each source.

SIEM capabilities

Main features

    Collecting and analyzing logged information events as well as other data from various sources: devices, infrastructure, systems, and applications;
    There are tools for security events and analyzing incidents;
    Real-time threat monitoring, correlation and analysis across a variety of applications and systems;
    Automated incident alert management.

Additional features

    Risks and vulnerabilities management;
    IT asset inventory;
    User and entity behavior analytics;
    Threat analytics based on reputational databases;
    Attack Kill Chain design — allowing you to view the routes of cyberattack into your system’s infrastructure.

What types of threats does SIEM detect?

    Internal and external network attacks.
    Malware Infection, advanced persistent threats (APTs), backdoors.
    Unauthorized access.
    Phishing detection.
    Failures and breaches in the operation of information systems.
    Configuration errors in protection tools and information systems.

ESKA provides you with qualified SIEM services


Development of architecture and requirements.


Component deployments of the SIEM system (according to the type of integration — On-premise/SaaS).


Integration of all information systems into SIEM solution.


Set-up according to specific requirements.


Technical support according to SLA.


Providing SOC Tier 1 and Tier 2 Analysts that will be responsible for monitoring, detecting, containing, and remediating IT threats across applications, devices, systems, networks, and locations (optional).

Best-in-class vendors

Just as you carefully choose a cyber-security provider, ESKA chooses the best vendors. That is why we offer our clients only proven and effective solutions.


Talk to an expert about your cyber security challenges today

According to the features and individual preferences of your system’s infrastructure, we will recommend the most optimal solutions, help with its effective implementation, and deploy a SIEM system quickly to achieve the highest return on investment.


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