Cyber Security Outsourcing

We help our customers with the burdens of managing cyber security by providing complete security services outsourced to our team. We define and implement security policies for our clients’ platform or products. We monitor, report, provide support, and maintain updates for our clients. We are here to help our clients mitigate and remediate any cyber security incidents or issues they face.


Our services

Our company offers cooperation with a team of highly qualified and certified cyber security specialists. We have a diligent team of experts who work quickly and efficiently. Some of the services our experts are ready to provide for our clientele include the following:

    Providing individual solutions formulated and tested by our team for technical problems.
    Implementation of technical solutions for cyber security problems following the latest best practices and security policies.
    Providing support and maintenance for existing technical solutions.
    Monitoring and responding to issues with security for information technology infrastructure.
    Helping build a company's cyber security infrastructure from the ground up by engaging our vCISO.
    Providing requirements for obtaining the appropriate certification or standard: NIST, GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI PIN Security, etc.
    Customer support in the case of a cyberattack, investigation of cyber incidents, and neutralization of any related consequences.
    Ensuring that modern cyber security requirements are met within the software development life cycle.

Our expertise

We have brought together the most effective solutions from industry-leading vendors to focus our efforts on a few key areas of cybersecurity. Due to our access to a wide range of resources, we have crafted an agile approach to assessing the needs of our customers. We are able to determine the most optimal solutions for specific problems.


Network Security

Aims to protect any data sent through devices on your network to ensure that the information is not changed or intercepted. Protection is provided against all types of cyber threats.


Endpoint Security

Ensures the security of an enterprise's network when employees access it from various devices by analyzing files and searching for threats. This allows us to react in advance, detect attacks, and respond to threats in an adequate amount of time.


Cloud Security

Per the nature of cloud computing, a wide range of tools, technologies, recommendations, and techniques are used to protect the information stored in the cloud. With the help of these tools, the system's reliability is ensured, issues can be detected, and clients are warned in advance of possible cyber attacks.


Access Management

An important element of security for an enterprise. This includes various programs and technologies that provide control over user access to the network. It reduces access risks by identifying and authorizing users.



Cyber Security IEM

Software designed to collect and analyze information about security events in real-time and alert the operator about possible threats. It reduces risks as well as increases the operational efficiency of the enterprise.


Vulnerability Assessment&Management

A set of decisions and actions aimed at identifying vulnerabilities in a network. This also enables the assessment and elimination of these vulnerabilities. It is one of the most important aspects of cybersecurity for an enterprise.

How do we work with our customers?

We prefer simple and effective solutions, so we have well-established best practices for working with our customers. This allows us to approach the needs and requests of each client on an individual level and, at the same time, use our resources more efficiently. Here is a step-by-step outline of this in practice:


We have a conversation with the customer in order to get to know each other better and gather preliminary information to begin our cooperation.


Next, we sign an NDA and a partnership agreement, which spells out the details of our cooperation.


The client gets a personal manager responsible for coordinating and managing further cooperation.


When the client has determined their requirements and is ready to discuss them in detail, they contact their manager. We then provide our clients with the appropriate services or expertise.


The cost of our services depends directly on the technologies that will be applied in accordance with the requirements of our clients’ projects. Other factors include the resources involved, the number of experts engaged, their qualifications, and the duration of the project.

Benefits of our outsourcing

The benefits we provide depend on each client's particular circumstances, the terms of work agreed to, and the conditions of the SLA. However, we can still highlight the main advantages of our outsourcing services.

    Guidance in creating an initial infrastructure, how and what to do, and what kind of roadmap should be created.
    The broad experience of our specialists allows them to start working on projects immediately.
    Providing recommendations on using optimal technologies that benefit our customers. We avoid redundant, more expensive solutions to problems without sacrificing quality or reliability.
    Time saved by not having to look for qualified cyber security engineers.
    Mitigating the risk factor of depending on one specific specialist.
    Ability to develop cyber security innovations without overburdening the client's employees.
    Predictable quality of the services provided through the SLA signing.
    Opportunities to develop a wider range of technologies.

Why do you need to choose ESKA? 

Are you still wondering if you should outsource your corporate security tasks to us? Have a look at 5 reasons why you should consider the services of our company.

Large staff of qualified experts who are ready to engage in work quickly.

Valuable experience introducing and supporting cybersecurity systems: 100+ satisfied customers.

Competitive financial conditions and flexible cooperation opportunities.

Transparent cooperation.

Opportunities to quickly attract additional resources.

What do you get in the result?

As a result, you will get the level of cybersecurity you need for your organization — no more, no less. Contact us today for a consultation and allow yourself to take the pressure and stress off your business, while focusing all your efforts on development.



On this block, you will find answers to the most popular questions of our customers.

  • What is the difference between cybersecurity outsourcing and outstaffing?

    Outsourcing services mean that the client gives us a task, and we independently perform and provide results for the task. We plan the realization of the project and are responsible for its implementation and the sequence of its actions.
    Outstaffing services provide specialists with appropriate qualifications on a leasing basis. In such cases, project planning, task setting, and the monitoring of task implementation are the customer's responsibility.

    Outsourcing and outstaffing differ in their cost because, in the case of outsourcing, it is necessary to manage and process tasks, which entails related costs.
    We emphasize that our company guarantees the provision of qualified, responsible specialists who can independently manage small projects.

  • How do clients use outstaff specialists on external projects? What if your enterprise performs similar work and can, in fact, be competitors?

    We understand that your company may be an intermediary, integrator, or provider of consulting or administrative work for a third company. However, we do not see this as competition. Instead, we see it as an opportunity for collaboration.
    This is because, from time to time, companies need competencies that they do not have internally. Companies may also plan to set out in a new direction and are not ready to immediately take on a new expert into their team. Companies may not have enough resources temporarily to complete a particular project or task.

    We do not have local representatives in most regions and countries and are not interested in investing time and effort in expanding in this regard. We prefer partnership and cooperation. Therefore, our engineers are ready to perform work for or on behalf of our clients' companies. Furthermore, we forbid communication with our clients' customers without their knowledge or explicit consent.

  • Is it safe to outsource or outstaff cybersecurity?

    Yes. First, we sign an NDA with all our employees and impose financial penalties for any disclosures of confidential information.
    Second, an NDA and a partnership agreement are also signed between our customers and our company. The NDA sets out the conditions for a ban on poaching employees from clients or the service provider. There is also a ban on competition and the provision of services directly to the end customer.

    Third, our engineers are ready to represent the interests of our clients and work according to White Label principles.

    ESKA ensures the proper implementation of the SLA and security against data leakage. We are directly interested in adhering to all obligations to fulfill the terms of the contract.

  • How does it work?

    This very convenient and flexible service allows the client to quickly and efficiently complete technical tasks.
    The client forms a partnership with ESKA and is assigned a personal manager ready to meet the client’s cyber security needs. If a client decides that they need certain competencies, they contact their personal manager and provide information about specific needs, a timeframe, and the extent of interaction required — whether via outsourcing or outstaffing.

    If we do not currently have the expertise requested by the client, we take 3 to 7 days to find a specialist who suits the client's requirements. In our search, we check the required person's qualifications to guarantee service quality.

    It may take 5 to 12 business days to start cooperating from the moment of initial contact between the client and ESKA.

  • How does your company manage resources?

    Our company has a task and resource management system. We also have resource managers who understand the current workload of all our assets and are responsible for their distribution. Additionally, we have a well-established process for searching and bringing the necessary experts onboard. This allows us to quickly and efficiently address the requirements of multiple clients.

  • What technologies and resources are used?

    Clients can draw from a wide range of technologies, from endpoint security to web application security. It all depends on the client's requirements, timeframe, and budget. We also provide qualified specialists to work with the technologies chosen by the client.
    You can find a more detailed list of available technologies by clicking the "Our Expertise" link or by contacting one of our consultants.

  • How do you determine the costs of services?

    The cost of work depends on the expertise, the qualifications of our experts, and the size of the task or project at hand. We provide an estimate of the costs of our services after the customer has completed the "Resource or Project Request Form." On that form, clients indicate the level of expertise needed, the technologies required, a description of the project or task in question, and the approximate duration of cooperation.

If you have not found the answer for your question, please contact us.

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