Managed Services

Managed Cybersecurity and IT Services provide businesses with a suite of solutions designed to secure their IT infrastructure and manage their technology needs with precision. This service encompasses ensuring that all aspects of a company’s digital environment are fortified against cyber threats. continuous monitoring of networks proactive threat detection, and rapid response to security incidents IT Service Management management, allowing companies to focus on core business functions without the burden of IT and security concerns. With expert teams these services help businesses mitigate risks, comply with regulations, and optimize their technology investments, ensuring smooth and secure operations.

ESKA Cybersecurity Services

Red Team

Our Red Team Services are designed to test and enhance the effectiveness of your organization’s cybersecurity defenses by simulating cyber attacks. Our approach goes beyond traditional vulnerability scanning to provide an evaluation of your security posture, challenging your systems, people, and processes just as a real adversary would. We provide guidance on how to address identified vulnerabilities, enhance security policies, and implement more effective security measures.
Penetration Testing Red Teaming Security Audit

Blue Team

Our Blue Team Services offers a defense against cyber threats, focusing on safeguarding your organization’s digital assets through continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response. Our team of cybersecurity experts works tirelessly to strengthen your security posture, implementing best practices in network security, endpoint protection, and user education.
Virtual CISO Web Security Monitoring SOC as a Service Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Team

Our GRC Team service provides a comprehensive framework designed to ensure your organization meets regulatory requirements, manages risks effectively, and maintains operational integrity. ESKA helps to achieve security and compliance goals for scaling up your business and enhancing the reputation of your company.
Customized support to meet industry regulations and standards: ISO 27001 SOC 2 Compliance GDPR

ESKA Cybersecurity Solutions

At ESKA, we understand the importance of safeguarding your digital landscape. With over a decade of expertise,
our mission is to deliver tailored cybersecurity that evolves with your business. We combine cutting-edge technology
with seasoned expertise to defend your company against the ever-changing threat landscape.


As a cybersecurity company specializing in SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions, we offer advanced tools designed to enhance your organization's security posture. Our expert team also offers continuous management and optimization of SIEM configurations to adapt to evolving threats and protect your critical assets effectively.


Our ITSM solution is designed to streamline and automate the management of your IT services, ensuring they align with the needs of your business. By integrating ITSM frameworks into your operations, we help improve the efficiency and responsiveness of IT services, reduce costs, and enhance service delivery.

Solution for Startup

We provide scalable security strategies that include risk assessment, endpoint protection, and cloud security, regulatory compliance guidance and cybersecurity awareness training to build a strong security culture from the outset. Our cybersecurity solutions can help realize successful security strategies to help keep your business secure from the start.

Solution for Partners

Our partnership program includes access to our full suite of security tools and expertise, enabling partners to deliver enhanced value to their customers. Whether you're an IT provider, a consultant, or a service integrator, our partnership solutions help you expand your portfolio, increase customer satisfaction, and build a more secure digital ecosystem.

How our cybersecurity services and solutions can benefit your company:

    Optimize Costs & Resources. By outsourcing security operations to our managed Security Operations Center (SOC), you can reduce overhead costs associated with hiring in-house security professionals and maintaining physical infrastructure. Scale our services according to your needs and reallocate your IT resources to more strategic initiatives.
    Improve Compliance & Data Privacy.Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Team offers assessments, consulting, and implementation services to ensure robust data privacy and compliance with regulations such as GDPR, ISO, and SOC 2.
    Reduce Business Risks.Through the deployment of comprehensive Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions, we help prevent data breaches and leaks, protecting your organization from substantial financial losses, reputational harm, and the theft of intellectual property.
    Divert In-House Employees’ Time.Free up your internal IT team to focus on core business challenges. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), ESKA fills gaps in your in-house capabilities, providing you with access to a diverse team of skilled professionals.
    Extend Your Security Expertise.Our cybersecurity experts bring extensive experience in enterprise security, providing a broad range of services tailored to strengthen your company’s defenses and secure your business comprehensively.
    Protect Your Vital IT Systems.Our seasoned experts employ advanced tools for information protection, intrusion prevention, and threat intelligence to defend your IT infrastructure against both common and sophisticated cyber threats.
    Reinforce Your Security Posture.Enhance your understanding of your security stance through our thorough security assessments. We conduct in-depth audits, risk assessments, and simulated attacks to help you develop a robust and resilient security framework.
    Ensure Solid Business Continuity.Our proactive 24/7 security monitoring and threat protection solutions, along with robust backup and disaster recovery strategies, ensure that your operations are uninterrupted, maintaining continuity across cloud or hybrid environments.

How It Works?

Your path to enhanced cybersecurity:


Consultation: Share your security concerns and goals with our experts.


Next, we sign an NDA and a partnership agreement, which spells out the details of our cooperation.


Assessment: We evaluate your current security posture and identify areas for improvement.


Customized Plan: Receive a tailored security strategy designed to protect your business effectively.


Implementation & Management: Our team deploys and manages your cybersecurity solutions, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Why do you need to choose ESKA? 

Expert Team: Our specialists are leaders in cybersecurity, bringing a wealth of experience and innovative solutions to your defense.

Compliance Mastery: Navigating regulations? We’ve got you covered, ensuring your business meets all necessary cybersecurity compliance standards.

All in one place: Opportunities to quickly attract additional resources.

Trusted Partners and Vendors

Just as you carefully choose a cyber-security provider, ESKA chooses the best vendors. That is why we offer our clients only proven and effective solutions.

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Secure your future today with trusted cybersecurity partner ESKA

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