Мониторинг производительности приложений дистанционного банковского обслуживания с Dynatrace

- Monitoring the performance of remote banking applications with Dynatrace

ClientBank Vostok is a Ukrainian commercial bank, one of the most technologically advanced banks in Ukraine.
Bank Vostok took the honorable third place in the "Technologies" nomination for the implementation of a chatbot with 24/7 support at the FinAwards 2020.
 ProblemAfter the release of the mobile application and Internet banking, the bank faced a rapid increase in the load on RBS and, at peak loads such as paydays, they began to experience degradation and sometimes even service failure.
RequestThe bank has requested to introduce a performance tracking system for remote banking (RBS) applications and improve the efficiency of the bank's automated system to better the quality of customer service. 
SolutionAs a solution, we've chosen the Dynatrace platform. This product is the most intelligent and cost-effective APM solution for modern application architectures.

The Dynatrace solution provided our client with:
● obtaining real data on the current operation of RBS services
● ability to track critical KPI, SLA
● detailing the system operation from the user's point of view
● the ability to monitor new technologies (microservices, containers)
● a holistic picture of the system's health
● diagnostics of the problems and failures causes and an immediate reaction to these problems
● simplification of work and interaction between different departments: IT, business, and development

The implementation of this solution provided 100% high-quality customer service, as now the support sees the problem at the very moment of its inception and can quickly prevent service disruptions.