Become ESKA partner

If you are looking for an opportunity to expand the potential of your enterprise, you will be interested in our partner program. In short, it is that you get access to a team of highly qualified engineers with whom you will work and carry out your projects. Since we work according to the White Label concept, for your clients we will always look like part of your team. Contact ESKA and we will carry out all the necessary technical work at the highest level.


Why you may need to become our partner?

There are two areas in which we can work with you:

1. Provision of cybersecurity services: if there is a specific need for a cybersecurity service, our partner can provide this option through us.

2. Technical support for work with vendors: if there is a need to support or integrate ready-made IT solutions.

Most popular cases

Most often, our partners turn to us in such cases:

    Need to support existing or new projects;
    Need to fulfill requirements of the customer for cybersecurity;
    Need to expand product portfolio without attracting and retaining highly qualified specialists in the state;
    Need to advise client on the project and make a profitable offer;
    Need to complete work on time, or when a specialist or a team of specialists is needed before a certain date;
    Audit, testing, detection of threat.
    Desire to optimize the cost of the company’s services and attract a more suitable contractor to the project;
    Lack of sufficient experience in the field of cybersecurity in the direction of architecture design;
    Lack of staff in the implementation, administration and support;
    Difficulties in finding a person who would have the necessary experience;
    Difficulties in assessing the candidate’s hard skills in the absence of technical expertise;

Benefits of cooperation with us 

Companies and organizations that cooperate with us enjoy a whole list of benefits, among which are the following:

Maximum benefit at an adequate cost:

● price always corresponds to the quality of work performed;● quickly find a contractor for a one-time job;● you do not need to hire specialists;● you save money on taxes, as you pay money for services.

Dedicated security experts always on-hand:

● our engineers work on behalf of your company and introduce themselves to customers as members of your team.

Building long-term and trusting relationships:

● we work in such a way as to be for our partners the one executor they turn to in order to solve all issues related to IT and information security;● in this way we form strong and healthy business so that you are always confident in the results of work.

Who can be our partner?

Our partners can be:

Artboard 61

Integrators or resellers of cybersecurity solutions

Consulting companies

Companies that provide other software development or infrastructure services

How we are working?

Point by point, the sequence of our actions with you to get started can be described as follows:


You click on the button Become a partner.


Then there is our acquaintance and the primary exchange of information. At this stage, we find common ground, and for further communication you get an account manager — a person who will work with all your inquiries and appeals.


Then we sign the NDA.


At the next stage, we receive a request for a technology or project.


Next, we carry out the selection of the contractor and provide a commercial offer to the customer.


Finally, we sign a cooperation agreement.

Why becoming our partner is a profitable decision?

Are you still wondering if you should trust us as a partner? Have a look at 4 reasons why you should consider the services of our company.

8+ years in cybersecurity market

Miscellaneous 17 final

Team of certified experts

250+ successful cases

Miscellaneous 24 final

71% of clients re-apply to us for other services

Successful partnership for both sides

As you understand, we offer a profitable and successful partnership, and we strive to build long-term relationships in order to bring value and financial benefit to each other. Our partner program is designed to maximize the value of existing solutions, as well as attract new connections to your business and expand your customer base. Through ESKA services, as part of your own offerings, you could provide additional services and create new income opportunities.


You may be interested in these services:


Penetration Testing

A simulated attack on IT systems, using the methods of hackers, is carried out in order to determine the vulnerability of systems, after which appropriate protection measures can be taken.


WordPress Security Monitoring

Ensuring uninterrupted secure operation of a web resource, monitoring its availability 24/7, and eliminating vulnerabilities for maximum efficiency of your business.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

The Virtual CISO helps the organization identify its current security maturity, analyze the risk scenario, detect what must be protected and the level of required protection, as well as to determine the regulatory requirements that must be met.