Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Delegate the routine Information Security operations to an entire team of experts who can provide security guidance, and drive your organization's information security program forward.


The mission of the CISO is:

    Align the information security strategy with the company's objectives to provide business continuity.
    Define the safety regulations and ensure their compliance, adapting to the different specific requirements to be met (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO 27001, various standards, and compliances)
    Manage the operation and information security incidents, directly or through outsourced services.
    Manage information security risks and establish the appropriate correction plan building an effective and resilient cybersecurity program.
    Communicate with senior management regarding information security.
    Train and educate the organization's employees on information security.
    Prevent information fraud.
    Commission of security audits and/or external and internal ethical hacking.

What a Virtual CISO will do for your enterprise:

    Provide extensive cybersecurity support and guide your organization through an information security leadership
    Protect the business with the best cybersecurity practices and guidelines
    Development and definition of the major IT security policy components
    Help you comply with the industry-required standards
    Plan the strategy to promptly respond to the occurring incidents
    Train the company's personnel by applying the top-notch security guidelines
    Provide an in-depth analysis of cyber-vulnerability assessments
    Assess risks
    vCISO will be your security point-of-contact dealing with all the arising issues
    Build a secure architecture and design
    Developing the processes, policies, and security procedures
    Heading the security operations processes
    Manage identity & access
    Planning the scenarios of potential Social engineering
    Planning of penetration testing
    Identify the critical assets, determine the acceptable risk levels
    Assessing the security levels
    Engaging the client/board/ or management by committee leadership

When a vCISO can benefit your organization?

Ultimately, each business should clearly understand its exposure and tolerance to potential risks. This tolerance must align with the incident response cost and business reputation risks in case of a prospective attack. To make a proper analysis of the probable risks to the organization, a trained and experienced team of professionals should consider the number of servers, integration with third-party vendors, and the company's sensitive data. The virtual CISO could thoroughly calculate the risks from the cybersecurity holes and their potential influence on the company's business.

If your business is lacking the next things, then vCISO is your company's ultimate choice:

    Properly thought-out Cyber Security Strategy
    Lack of cybersecurity team training and onboarding
    Need for remediation excellence and readiness to give a prompt response to the Cyber incidents or breaches
    The necessity to remediate recommendations, and analysis through the ongoing audit
    Implementation of the latest Cybersecurity standards compliance requirements

Benefits of vCISO as a cybersecurity facilitator for your company

The fusion of unique cybersecurity experience

The vCISO possesses a great deal of knowledge since they have a lot of business and security experience. Having those experiences allows the VCISO to start to work the moment they are hired. 

Immediate value delivery

Since the virtual CISOs obtain all the experience mentioned above, they could add up to the company's cybersecurity strategy and guarantee the full coverage of all the cybersecurity functions needed to be covered. It will not be necessary to invest in training or adaptation, reducing the time between contracting and the effective provision of the needed services.

Non-core business focus

Counting on a Virtual CISO, you outsource the management of information security, compliance, and data privacy, freeing your internal teams from concern with these issues. Likewise, your inner IT professionals and other areas can concentrate on the exact demands of the company's business, leaving the infosec functions to be outsourced with complete peace of mind.

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Cost reduction

Counting on a Virtual CISO, you outsource the management of information security, compliance, and data privacy, freeing your internal teams from concern with these issues. Likewise, your inner IT professionals and other areas can concentrate on the exact demands of the company's business, leaving the infosec functions to be outsourced with complete peace of mind.

Effortless selection of the suppliers

Virtual CISOs trace the experience of companies that propose services not related to market providers, such as solution manufacturers, complimentary service professionals, and specialists in all areas that will be needed along the way. It saves you from long analysis processes, triage, and assessment to choose the most assertive choices.

 Independence of processes

The Virtual CISO is skilled in managing a range of functions and actions – building a security strategy and conforming to the activation of response actions to violations and incidents. Everything is done independently of other operational functions since the focus is on what your company is contracted to execute.

Reducing the risks and knowledge of the competitor's IT security

The vCISO knows the IT security of competitors and can assess the urgent need for improvements implemented in your company. A virtual CISO helps reduce the risk of a cybersecurity incident occurring in your organization. It is always better to set up a suitable IT security program in a "relaxed" situation than in an emergency.

An external perspective for timely measures

Having an interdisciplinary team with specialized knowledge and skills, which increase the possibility of success of the operations, will help you quickly achieve all the cybersecurity objectives. A vCISO can act as an interim CISO and ensure that IT security takes the appropriate measures, bringing an external perspective that often proves being very helpful. A vCISO is a CISO on-demand. He will help your business when you need him. It is not integrated as a permanent position in your company: thus, saves personnel costs.

Virtual CISO: Use cases

Choosing between a vCISO and a full-time in-house employee may be confusing. Let's figure out when a vCISO is the preferable choice.

A full-time CISO is too expensive for an SMB, but smaller organizations still need a mature and effective cybersecurity program. A virtual CISO can work in part-time conditions, crafting a security program fit for your organization by following the enterprise expert guidelines which couldn't be developed without vCISO's participation.

Cyber-spend needs to be constantly re-aligned. The cybersecurity measures developed 6 months ago might not be as effective as a measure of protection after a while. A virtual CISO can analyze the current budget or organization of each size and re-direct it to the weak spots effectively distributing it fully securing all your business-critical assets.

A virtual CISO's specialization consists of assistance in creating a cybersecurity strategy and execution plan that meets the specific security requirements for different business domains. If you need to align the compliance program with certain mandates, then a vCISO can help you create the step-by-step compliance program considering securing the protected information.

If you have decided on hiring a full-time CISO, hiring a part-time vCISO could provide the real business value by helping you find a full-time CISO with a professional inside of what knowledge such a professional should obtain to effectively manage your organization's cybersecurity strategy.

The entertainment industry is a tidbit to the hackers since it has a lot of attractive data from the content yet to be released to the sensitive information of the service subscribers. Сompanies should conduct the regular pentests, finding even the smallest loopholes in cybersecurity so they don't become a glaring tunnel for the breach of client's data. Also, pentest is a necessary step in obtaining the TPN certification.

What do you get in the result?

ESKA's expert team of cybersecurity technicians will ensure that security requirements will be met on time by applying top-notch technologies.
We have more than 8 years of experience as a cybersecurity consultant for organizations of all types and sectors: we carry out pen testing and ethical hacking projects and cybersecurity audits, as well as train companies' employees to leverage their cyber-threats resilience.
Hire us and lower your risk profile with hands-on virtual CISO support from a dedicated advisor who perfectly understands the business environment.


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