ISO 27001

An ISO 27001 certification is the documented evidence that an information security management system is compliant with the respective system certification requirements.
ESKA could help you comply with ISO/IEC 27001 to demonstrate your enterprise's commitment to a safe and secure approach to information handling.


Getting your ISO 27001 certificate will show that in your enterprise

Risks are assessed, and the impact of a breach is mitigated.

The provided information is accurate, and only authorized users can modify it.

Information handling processes are protected from unauthorized access.

All processes are based on the industry best practices, assessed by an independent provider.

ISO/IEC 27001 requirements

Getting the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, you need to:

Ensure that information security risks are systematically examined. These requirements demand examining information safety breach risks by systematically analyzing them for frequent threats and vulnerabilities identification.

Complying with ISO/IEC 27001 to address the identified security risks, you need to implement a cutting-edge comprehensive set of security control tools.

ISO 27001 includes data protection aspects and not only concerns information security but also data protection. To ensure that the measures taken run smoothly, you need to adopt an ongoing management process that will regulate that the means of control meet the infosec need with risks evolving over time.

ISO 27001 pen testing

As part of an information security management system set up according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, regular penetration tests and checkups are an integral part of the implementation cycle. In addition to checking the security of IT systems, penetration tests can also take on other roles. They can be part of the risk analysis or be used in applications and systems classified as critical to control the risk, which is an obligatory part of ISMS regular security testing.

Objective A.12.6.1 of ISO 27001 obliges companies to constantly increase the security level in their enterprise to comply with the ISMS. It must be ensured that identified weak points are recognized and continuously processed. ISO 27001 certification is not a process that could be taken with ease, and most enterprises struggle to prepare for a responsive audit without the help of external experts. ESKA's team of cybersecurity experts with extensive pentesting experience would be happy to help you define and implement the necessary corrections after the provision of an in-depth risk analysis.

ISO 27001 in a few simple steps

If you want to achieve an efficient system of information management security, compliant with ISO 27001 standard, you need to follow the next steps. ESKA will guide you through each of the certification process steps.


The preliminary audit is run by an auditor, so he can evaluate the current onsite state


The first level of the certification audit. In this phase, the documentation of the management system is assessed.


The second level of the certification audit. In the second stage, the examiner assesses the practical application of the management system and how effective it is.


When the company passes the first three stages, it receives an ISO 27001 compliance certificate.


As a post-service to check the maintenance standards, the enterprise passes an annual surveillance audit.


After three years of follow-up on the continual evolvement process, the company is recertificated once again.

Benefits of ISO 27001 

The prevalent advantage of obtaining an ISO 27001 certificate is the independence and objectivity mentioned above. If the company makes a self-declaration of its security, customers cannot be sure that the requirements will be met.

    Confidential data is reliably protected against misuse, loss, and disclosure.
    Security risks can be identified quickly with a certified ISMS.
    Liability risks are minimized.
    The certificate creates a gain in trust and image.
    Avoidance of regulatory fines.
    Continuous monitoring and risk prevention.
    Employees are made aware of information security.
    Information processing processes are optimized when they run according to ISO 27001.
    Protection of business reputation through the minimization of security threats.
    Constant improvement of information security processes and strategies.

What do you get as a result?

Since the advantages of ISO 27001 compliance outweigh the hardships of its implementation, orientation towards the safety standard is worthwhile even without the goal of official certification. ESKA's team has practical know-how and best practice solutions for your company to contribute to the implementation of ISO 27001.
The scope of ESKA's accreditation covers all types of companies in all sectors to optimally protect your IT landscape following the legal situation. You can rely on our technical skills and our assessment competence. Our experts are experienced professionals who obtain industry-specific information in the assessment of your company's ISO 27001 compliance.
Send us your inquiry – ESKA is looking forward to working with you.


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