SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 certification serves as an impartial evaluation of how effectively your business establishes and enforces security protocols, showcasing your ability to safeguard customer data. We streamline the process of achieving security compliance, ensuring a smooth journey towards obtaining your SOC 2 compliance certificate.


When is a SOC 2 Compliance required? 

Companies pursue SOC 2 compliance when handling sensitive customer data or delivering services involving data hosting, processing, or storage. Here are specific scenarios where SOC 2 compliance is typically necessary:

Data Processing

Organizations dealing with customer data, financial records, health information, or personally identifiable data (PII) must demonstrate their dedication to safeguarding such sensitive information.

Service Provision

Businesses offering services like cloud hosting, software as a service (SaaS), IT service management, or data center operations must assure customers of their robust data security measures.

Third-Party Assurance

SOC 2 compliance is often essential for reassuring customers and partners that your systems, processes, and controls meet industry-recognized security standards.

Regulatory Compliance

In industries subject to stringent regulatory frameworks such as healthcare (HIPAA) or finance (GLBA), SOC 2 compliance may be mandatory.

Building Customer Trust

Achieving SOC 2 compliance fosters trust and confidence among customers and stakeholders, underscoring your commitment to sound security practices.

Gaining Competitive Edge

Organizations seeking to set themselves apart in their industry can leverage SOC 2 compliance as a competitive advantage, demonstrating their dedication to data security and integrity.

Our SOC 2 Compliance services include:

ESKA will lead you through each phase of certification preparation


Detailed analysis of your current systems and practices to pinpoint gaps and necessary improvements.


Development of policies and procedures aligned with SOC 2 requirements.


Assistance in implementing recommended measures and controls to meet compliance standards.


Ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure sustained compliance.

Achieving compliance with ESKA: A streamlined approach


How ESKA facilitates SOC 2 compliance

Seasoned team of compliance specialists

We offer a comprehensive process for compliance readiness. With ESKA’s team of seasoned professionals, you can rest assured that we know the ropes, saving you significant time and resources.

Preparation of all requisite documents

We handle all meetings and policy adjustments, allowing you to concentrate on revenue-generating initiatives instead of poring over compliance paperwork.

Optional technical assessments

We handle all technical tasks and oversee their execution. Should you require a specialist with specific expertise, we’ll take charge of this aspect and manage additional implementations.

In what areas is SOC 2 used?

SOC 2 compliance is commonly required in various regulatory contexts and industries:

Healthcare Industry (HIPAA)

HIPAA mandates organizations and business associates handling protected health information (PHI) to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of PHI. SOC 2 compliance aligns with HIPAA security requirements.

Financial Services (GLBA)

The GLBA obligates financial institutions to safeguard consumers’ financial information. SOC 2 compliance aids in demonstrating adherence to security and privacy standards.

Tech Idea 2

Technologies and Cloud Services

Companies offering cloud services, SaaS, data hosting, or IT service management often pursue SOC 2 compliance to assure customers of robust data security measures.

Artboard 3

Insurance Industry

Insurance firms handling sensitive customer data or utilizing third-party service providers may seek SOC 2 compliance to ensure data protection.

Legal Services

Law firms managing sensitive client data can leverage SOC 2 compliance to uphold data security standards for clients.

Other Industries

Although not mandated by specific regulations, various sectors such as retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications benefit from SOC 2 compliance as it establishes standard data security and privacy controls.



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