Security for Startup

Startups and SMBs present a simple goal for cyber thieves. This is due to their lower levels of security in comparison to what large enterprises have. Implementing important security measures and pairing them with the latest technology is the most effective means of protecting your business during a scale-up. With ESKA you can have the same strong protections as a large company does while staying within your budget and without incurring high costs. That way, you can focus on expanding Your Startup without worrying about security threats to your business.


Our solutions for startups

We’ve developed a service package depending on your company’s goals, tasks, and maturity. These solutions can help realize successful security strategies to help keep your business secure from the start.


Companies that do not have a product ready but are actively developing one.

At this stage, a company generally has a small budget to create their product, with either their own team or external contractors. A product at any stage needs to be secure to prevent critical consequences for the company in the future. In the case of employing external contractors, the software developed needs to be checked before launch.

What we offer: Code analyses, Web security monitoringWe offer to find vulnerabilities and backdoors in code that developers could leave during the development process. We also provide GDPR/ISO/PCI DSS compliance audits.
Results: The owner of the Startup receives information about their product’s security, whether it meets compliance requirements or has any code vulnerabilities and the possibility of releasing this product on the market.


Companies that manage continuous development of products already on the market and support the users of their products.

Creating new features and constantly making changes in the product and its infrastructure frequently lead to the emergence of new exploitable vulnerabilities. Most companies do not have a security staff strictly engaged in prescribing processes and policies for cyber security implementation. Our company offers a dedicated service to address these problems—Penetration Testing. A subscription for Penetration Testing is available for one year. During that time, our cyber security experts check and test the security of the client’s product during the development process (our team becomes a part of the Security Development Lifecycle software).

What we offer: Full Pentest subscription (covers the network infrastructure and its full application), Web security monitoring
Results: Our experts perform network infrastructure penetration testing every month and a Pentest on each new feature and software update before being launched.


A Startup scaling up or diversifying into new markets.

Enterprises are interested in security, meeting compliance standards, and the safety of your product. For that reason, scaling up your business to work with bigger enterprises requires special attention paid to the vitality of your product’s cyber security.

What we offer: Pentest + vCISO + compliance audits + complex security development for ISO 27001/2, SOC2, etc. certifications, Web security monitoringOur experts perform a network Penetration Test and provide a detailed report with recommendations.Qualified and certified CISO provide a security audit and perform a conformity assessment. Then our experts will develop a strategy for the client to acquire the proper certifications. This is done according to the plan, policies, processes, and methodologies developed for the client’s implementation.

The client receives:● an independent assessment of their product’s security● a road-map of further actions for certification● Security Compliance Certificate


Companies with an increasing number of clients are interested in minimizing the risks of losing customers, reputation, or data from clients.

Because companies attract unwanted attention from hackers, critical and sensitive data are constantly under threat, as is a company’s reputation. As these risks increase, companies seek out qualified experts and optimal technical solutions to address problems.

What we offer: vCISO, Cyber security outsourcingYou will receive:● Highly experienced security experts who are both outsource and outstaff qualified. They are ready to implement modern cyber security technology for your company.● A CISO that builds security from the ground up or modernizes existing protection.

As a result, the client receives quality and a certified security partner that helps secure the client’s business and develops their processes, policies, and security procedures. ESKA provides security guidance to our clients.

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Why choose ESKA for your Security Solutions? 

Are you still wondering if you should outsource your corporate security tasks to us? Have a look at 8 reasons why you should consider the services of our company.

We have 8+ years of experience in the Cybersecurity market.

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Our experts are highly experienced in using open source and market-leading products and services. That gives us the confidence to understand the uniqueness of every startup and choose the most optimal solution for each particular client.

ESKA is not just a contractor— ESKA is your partner. And we are always ready to assist our clients in reaching a better future. If a developer is needed to fix a vulnerability, we can arrange that. We always focus on relationships and on our clients’ success!

With experience in developing and implementing complex cyber security systems, we can solve the problems of growing businesses quickly and effectively.

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We are trusted by more than 200 companies (including Governments and international corporations).


We have experience in building up security infrastructure from scratch with more than 10 different startups.

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We are ready to provide the best combination of price and quality.

We always discover the cyber security market and use the most modern technics and tools.

Talk to an expert about your cyber security challenges today.

Your Startup’s needs and specific proposals will determine the cyber security requirements needed to ensure safety in the digital work environment. New cyber security threats and challenges are always appearing in the digital environment, but do not worry! Instead, be proactive and pay attention to the security of your business, and together we will determine the exact cyber security Your Startup needs to succeed.


Startups are often commonly interested in these services:


Penetration Testing

A simulated attack on IT systems, using the methods of hackers, is carried out in order to determine the vulnerability of systems, after which appropriate protection measures can be taken.


WordPress Security Monitoring

Ensuring uninterrupted secure operation of a web resource, monitoring its availability 24/7, and eliminating vulnerabilities for maximum efficiency of your business.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

The Virtual CISO helps the organization identify its current security maturity, analyze the risk scenario, detect what must be protected and the level of required protection, as well as to determine the regulatory requirements that must be met.