Our Client: Ukrainian processing centre (a member of the Raiffeisen banking group operating as a subsidiary of Raiffeisen bank in eastern Europe addresses ESKA (sk-consulting) with a request to develop a resource management solution in order to manage human resources engaged in certain projects.

Solution: Finetuning and extending Jira software with add-ons and customized plugins according to the client’s requirements. Development of project management and resource planning solutions using Jira and associated Atlassian products.
Resource management and planning, as well as the tasks and activities related to certain projects, were handled and kept in different systems. The data analysis and consolidation in most cases were done manually. Our technical specialists did a pre-project analysis to provide expertise and suggest PMS to manage projects, tasks and resources in Jira system for which some additional plugins were developed.
Consequently, our technical team developed resource management solution that integrates Gantt chart with a set of project tasks in Jira.

As a result, our solution provides the following capabilities:
- resource planning and projects management in a unified system (Jira)
- the relevant projects/tasks are displayed in the system in real-time
- detailed visualization of the information about the actual effort required for the estimation of the project costs
- displaying the full workload of resources engaged in all projects
- analysis and visualization the total amount of effort involved in various types of activities
- providing effective and intelligent resource planning