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Information Security

Firewalls, hardware and software solutions for protection against DDOS attacks, protection of corporate mail, solutions for protecting web applications and preventing leakage of confidential information and protecting SCADA networks.


- Solution for Partners

Our partner program is designed to maximize the value of existing solutions, as well as attract new connections to your business and expand your customer base. In short, it is that you get access to a team of highly qualified engineers with whom you will work and carry out your projects. 

- Security for startup

We’ve developed a service package depending on your company’s goals, tasks, and maturity. These solutions can help realize successful security strategies to help keep your business secure from the start.


- WAF Protection

WAF (Web Application Firewall) protects web applications, stops cyberattacks and prevents stealing sensitive data.

- DDoS Attack Protection

Protection against DDoS attacks that stop attacks before they reach the goal and help to save your site, application, or network.

- Protection Against Information Leaks

Solutions that help to stop sensitive information from leaving your company through accidental or malicious leaks, detect potential threats, check their and prevent.

- Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection solution designed to defend endpoints and protects against different types of security attacks (APT, Advanced Persistent Threats).

- SCADA Security

SCADA security solutions designed to protect industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA networks that are utilized to control and monitor the vital infrastructure.

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Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provide tasks of control, performance and availability management at the application level. APM focuses on the application performance and bugs in the code of application.

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Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

Network and devices management, risk analysis and production capacity, virtualization of infrastructure components, fast restore in the critical accidents, critical sustainability and reliability of infrastructure systems.


- Network monitoring

IP networks monitoring, network interfaces performance and devices monitoring, creating reports and forecasts, automatization configuration of network devices management.

- Physical and virtual servers monitoring, workstation monitoring

Servers performance monitoring, hardware crashes, system failures

- Application and services monitoring

Obtaining data on the level of applications and services availability and performance, collecting and discovering their work.

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Cloud infrastructure

The cloud infrastructure is a virtualized data center that allows users to create virtualized and highly scalable IT platforms. Pay just for used resources.


- Servers

Virtual servers are creating on the base of physical servers. They are distinguished by reliability, and ease of scaling, data reservation.

- Storage systems

Cloud storage is a cloud computing model that stores data in the online storages on the distributed servers.

- Cloud computing

Access to computing resources like that: servers, storage and databases, networks, Software through Internet.

- Security systems

Cloud security - using technologies and best practices to protect data and information in a cloud architecture.

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