Crypto, Web 3.0 and Blockchain Cybersecurity Services

Our team of experts has years of experience in cybersecurity and blockchain development, and is dedicated to delivering exceptional cybersecurity services to our clients. Cybersecurity and PrivacyMonitoring and PreventionEthical hackingSmart contract auditsBlockchain, Distributed LedgerWeb 3.0 and related technologies

ESKA Crypto, Web 3.0 and Blockchain Cybersecurity Expertise 

At ESKA, our deep expertise and extensive experience uniquely qualify us to offer premier Web 3.0, Blockchain, and Crypto Security Services:

Virtual Asset Audit Program

Our detailed security audit aims to uncover any weaknesses and security gaps in management and technical controls that could be taken advantage of by external or internal parties.

Architecture and Design

We assist Web3 initiatives in creating and implementing a thorough cybersecurity infrastructure, including controls, wallet systems, and cryptographic measures.

Infrastructure Security

Our offerings include advanced security measures such as DDoS mitigation, network defense, cyber attack prevention, intrusion detection, application and API security, encryption strategies, identity management, cloud and data security.

Enterprise Blockchain Security

These services focus on safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of blockchain transactions and data against unauthorized access and threats. They include the implementation of advanced security protocols, regular security audits, and compliance checks to ensure that blockchain environments are secure and resilient against cyber threats.

Ethical Hacking Services

Our ethical hackers identify and resolve security vulnerabilities within an organization’s IT systems. We conduct:Penetration testSocial Engineering Red Teaming Web3 Platform Assessment

Wallet Security

Wallet security service focus on safeguarding digital wallets used for storing and managing cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Our cybersecurity team provide advanced security measures to protect against unauthorized access, theft, and fraud. This service is essential for maintaining the integrity and privacy of digital wallets against cybersecurity threats.

Wallet Creation

We provide expert guidance throughout the setup process, customizing your wallet(s) to meet your specific requirements. We’ll help implement robust security measures to protect your wallet from these risks, including secure key storage, backup solutions, and privacy-enhancing techniques.

Security Assessments

Our specialists will execute an exhaustive examination of your security frameworks, technical safeguards, and procedures to identify potential weaknesses and opportunities for enhancement. This will encompass an assessment of your key management strategies, wallet protection tactics, transaction verification methods, and more.

Secure Exchange & Architecture Design

This service is crafted to support organizations aiming to develop or overhaul their cryptocurrency exchange architecture with a primary focus on security. We assess critical design components including network connections and controls, identity frameworks and principles, as well as governance and compliance management.

Code Review

ESKA specialists conduct a security code review of cryptocurrency components, such as smart contracts and crypto exchange elements, using a combination of static code analysis and manual inspection. This review targets the detection of security weaknesses that arise from unsafe coding techniques.

Incident Response

ESKA experts a simultaneous approach across various operational streams to quickly contain and eliminate the threat. Our response strategy involves identifying distinct blockchain signatures tied to particular attackers, using this intelligence not only during but also after an incident to promptly spot and stop any further malicious attempts or re-access efforts.

Onboarding Crypto Security

We assist clients in understanding and securely adopting distributed ledger technologies, cryptocurrencies, and other decentralization technologies according to industry best practices. This ensures our clients obtain the necessary security clearances to begin operations with official approvals.

Interim & Ongoing Crypto Security

These services include advisory, integrated operations and cybersecurity architecture, continuous monitoring with a focus on cross-chain interoperability, regular reporting, network intrusion prevention, physical security, vulnerability management, business continuity, disaster recovery, and more.

Custodial Crypto Security

We provide clients with the capability to securely manage their crypto assets through services such as key management, digital asset management, wallet hosting, and node security. These solutions equip clients with custodial Crypto Security, ensuring their holdings are protected comprehensively.

ESKA is your trusted Partner

When you choose ESKA for your Cybersecurity Services, you’re not just getting a service provider, you’re getting a Partner.It means partnering with a team that brings expertise, experience, and a deep commitment to ensuring your venture into the realm of crypto security is secure and confident.

Why do you need to choose ESKA? 

Are you still wondering if you should outsource your corporate security tasks to us? Have a look at 5 reasons why you should consider the services of our company.

Since 2017, ESKA have been into blockchain development, consistently enhancing skills and knowledge to keep pace with new developments and emerging threats.

Valuable experience introducing and supporting cybersecurity systems: 100+ satisfied customers.

Competitive financial conditions and flexible cooperation opportunities.

Transparent cooperation.

Opportunities to quickly attract additional resources.

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