We regularly conduct online training webinars and workshops that allow you to test our solutions, and get to know them better.

Cybersecurity im healthcare industry


Cyber Security in HealthCare Industry

Introducing practical steps that build a strong cybersecurity system for healthcare organisations. Check out how to protect sensitive data from hackers. Join this webinar that focuses on cybersecurity, compliance and key privacy challenges facing the healthcare industry.

A swift way to reach security compliance

Penetration Tesing

How is the Value of a Pentest Maximized?

You are going to increase the security of your systems and applications. But how do you understand that you really need to perform pentest? In this webinar, our Security Engineer will provide valuable insights into getting the most out of a pentest. 

A swift way to reach security compliance


A swift way to reach security compliance

Sign up and learn how to accelerate your compliance process and become SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

Webinar Security for Startup


Webinar How to secure and increase your Startup

Learn how Startups can utilize cyber security reviews to help secure funding for a full-fledged security program and track year-to-year maturity.

Webinar WUG

WhatsUp Gold

Webinar Administrator day with Whatsup gold in 60 minutes.

An overview and demo of a network and infrastructure monitoring solution that simplifies your day-to-day network administrator tasks - WhatsUp Gold.

Webinar Ivanti Enterprise Service Management


Webinar Ivanti ESM. A comprehensive approach to service and infrastructure management

An overview and demo of the Ivanti Enterprise Service Management platform, which combines ITSM and ITAM processes, data, and analytics to maximize company operational efficiency and improves service delivery.

Webinar Смена парадигмы тестирования безопасности с BAS платформой Cymulate


Webinar Changing the paradigm of security testing with BAS platform Cymulate

Webinar about the modern Cymulate tool for simulating breaches and cyber-attacks for a comprehensive and automatic check of the state of the organization's cybersecurity system, including the level of its security and cyber resilience, as well as the cyber awareness of employees.

Workshop NGFW. Content ID


Workshop NGFW. Content ID - Traffic Protection

The workshop on testing the Next-Generation Firewall functionality is carried out on a new operating system - PAN-OS-10 and will allow you to try out Palo Alto Networks firewalls based on machine learning in practice.

Workshop NGFW Palo Alto Networks


Workshop NGFW Palo Alto Networks

The workshop on testing the Next-Generation Firewall functionality will allow you to try Palo Alto Networks firewalls in practice without the need to install hardware or software on your site.

Мониторинг активности удаленных сотрудников и раннее обнаружение проблемных зон

Ekran Systems

Monitoring the activity of remote employees and early detection of problem areas

Ekran System helps companies build their strategies to mitigate user security risks with a comprehensive user activity monitoring tool for corporate servers and desktops.