Palo Alto Networks

Построение надежный системы автоматической защиты

- Building a reliable automatic protection system

ClientThe large company from the Retail segment. RequestThe client’s inquiry was the development of a reliable automatic protection system against Internet threats for all PC users to enable them to work from a mobile device or remotely.
The Customer set the bar high for a PC security solution, which included:
● URL and DNS protection
● Minimal impact on PC resources
● Protection against both known and unknown attacks
● The minimum price for a solution that will solve all the problems mentioned above
SolutionThe NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) solution from Palo Alto Networks (USA) met all the criteria.
The Palo Alto Networks firewall has a patented architecture and reliable security algorithms, proven by reports from the independent global organization NSS Labs, as well as Forrester and CyberRaying. Palo Alto Networks has its own organization, UNIT 42, which brings leading IT security experts together to defend against any emerging IT threat.
A team of ESKA’s certified specialists ensured the implementation of virtual NGFWs (VM series) from Palo Alto Networks within the time agreed with the Customer and provided all the necessary technical and information support.