Security subscriptions

- IoT Security

A comprehensive IoT security solution based on machine learning to identify new and hidden devices, behavior anomalies. Prevention of known malware, spyware, exploits, and web threats targeting the IoT. Leverage collaborative threat intelligence to provide real-time protection against unknown threats unique to your IoT environment.


Organizations are moving more and more applications to the cloud, increasing the number of devices in branch offices. Traditional connectivity options like MPLS can be expensive and slow. Security built into the SD-WAN architecture allows connecting the branch offices without compromising security. Take advantage of Palo Alto Networks' SD-WAN in NGFW subscription and simply enable SD-WAN and security in one intuitive interface.

- GlobalProtect

Protect mobile users wherever they are from hidden app traffic, phishing, credential theft, and more. Endpoint antivirus and VPN technologies are not enough to stop advanced threats. By expanding the capabilities of the next-generation firewall with a GlobalProtect subscription, you can achieve greater visibility into all traffic, users, devices, and applications.

- DNS Security

Blocking attacks by applying DNS. Integration with the next-generation firewall provides automatic protection, prevents attackers from bypassing security measures, and eliminates the need for independent tools or changes in DNS routing. Comprehensive analytics enable deeper threat analysis and empowers the security personnel.

- Threat Prevention

Scans all traffic for threats, regardless of port, protocol, or encryption, and automatically blocks known vulnerabilities, malware, exploits, spyware, and the means of control. Protect your network from sophisticated threats by identifying and scanning all traffic such as applications, users, and content — across all ports and protocols.

- URL Filtering

Protection against online threats such as phishing and malware. Machine learning technology instantly detects and prevents new and unknown malicious websites before they become available to users. Web Security Rules are an extension of the NGFW policies, providing a single set of policies to manage.

- WildFire

The unique ability to stream WildFire signatures in real-time ensures that the organization is protected from previously unknown threats in the seconds after they are first detected. WildFire together with machine learning technology detects and prevents new and unknown file threats, protecting users even before a threat can get into your network.

- Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Enterprise DLP from Palo Alto Networks is the industry's first cloud solution that comprehensively protects sensitive data across all networks, clouds, and users. Built into the next-generation firewall, VM-Series, Prisma Access, Prisma Cloud, and Prisma SaaS, DLP uses the same configuration and discovery rules for all checkpoints, ensuring data protection everywhere, eliminating the need to create and maintain separate sets of policies.

- SaaS Security

Discover integrated SaaS Security, which is delivered by CASB of next-generation. See-through new SaaS applications, protect data and prevent zero-day cyber threats at the lowest TCO.

Deployment options for subscriptions

Hardware – PA-Series

Choose from a range of PA-Series next-generation firewalls.

VM-Series NGFW

Protect private and public clouds with VM-Series firewalls that are designed to scale and provide ongoing security and integration with cloud infrastructures.

Prisma Access

Secure access to a public cloud, SaaS, Internet, internal data center.

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