VM-Series is a series of virtual firewalls for real-time protection of public and private clouds, virtualized data centers, and branch offices, that are easily integrated into VMware virtual infrastructure.VM Series Virtual Firewalls bring all the capabilities of Palo Alto Networks' next-generation hardware firewall as a virtual machine together in a single solution.

Network Security


Where can you apply the virtual firewall?

    Public cloud storage – Protect everything stored in rented cloud environments: operating systems, platforms, data, intellectual property, source code, and content.
    Private and hybrid clouds - Deploying VM-series virtual firewalls enhances SDN security in software-defined networking (SDN) virtual environments such as VMware NSX and Nutanix Flow.
    Branch offices - Virtual firewalls provide local branch office segmentation and threat prevention for regulatory compliance and branch network security using the same console that is applied to manage other environments.
    DevOps - Protecting the development speed of the applications. With automated network security, the firewall can be integrated directly into DevOps workflows and ensure continuous integration/continuous development (CI / CD) without stopping or slowing down business processes.


Next-Generation Firewalls VM-Series

VM Series virtual firewalls help your organization securely transform its virtualized infrastructure, bettering it with business innovation and rising competitiveness.

- Network security automation

VM Series virtual firewalls integrate network security directly into the application development lifecycle and CI/CD processes.

- Compliance with the requirements

Reduce risk by reducing the attack surface and implementing threat prevention in decentralized environments. Achieve compliance with regulations such as GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SWIFT, and others.

- Improve the state of network security

VM series virtual firewalls provide consistent network security management for applications hosted on-premises, in private and public clouds, and in-branch offices.

- VM Series Virtual Firewalls on NSX VMware 

Protect a virtual corporate network in VMware NSX ™ and other software-defined environments.

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