PA Series Next-Generation Firewalls are designed to provide continuous protection across the entire network perimeter – from the headquarters and campus, branch offices, and data center to mobile and remote workstations.

Network security



    Check and control data transmitted over the network to detect known and unknown threats, within one scanning.
    Identify and block unknown, new or specialized malware.
    Application of App-ID, User-ID, Content-ID technologies to identify applications passing through your network, including those that try to evade detection; You can also identify users and analyze, control, and inspect the traffic content.
    Application of a Zero Trust model based on the “never trust, always verify” principle, which helps prevent data breaches by removing the concept of trust from the organization's network architecture.
    Zero Trust is designed to protect today's digital environments by leveraging network segmentation, Layer 7 threat prevention, and simplifying granular access control of users.


Next-Generation Firewalls PA-Series

Palo Alto Networks manufactures a wide range of NGFW hardware - from compact model PA-200 up to super powerful enterprise-grade PA-7000 system.Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls provide the ability to identify and control applications, users, and content, not just ports, IP addresses, and packets, using three unique identification technologies: App-ID, User-ID, and Content-ID.Palo Alto Networks manufactures a wide range of NGFW hardware, from the compact PA-200 model to the super-powerful enterprise-grade PA-7000 system.


Get superior security within high-performance environments, critical for business, getting the largest NGFW from Palo Alto Networks. PA-7000 is specifically designed for large organizations and service providers.



Enable content, applications, and users at high throughput speed in a safe way, and secure the encrypted traffic without privacy compromises or slowing the business down. 



Secure your business with a prevention-focused architecture that is easy to deploy, scale, manage and use across your high-speed data center, internet gateway, and service provider deployments.

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Prevent threats to data centers and large campuses in a proactive way, applying a modular design that gives you high performance, is scalable to meet any demand of yours, and enables Zero Trust network security.

PA-5450 ML-Powered NGFW from Palo Alto Networks is specifically designed for hyperscale data center, internet edge, and campus segmentation deployments. A scalable modular design is delivering an incredible performance with 120 Gbps while security services are enabled which allows you to increase performance with the rising needs of your organization. The modular scalable PA-5450 gives you the simplicity for management and licensing by applying a single-system approach.

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PA-460, PA-450, PA-440

The throughput of this firewall (HTTP/app mix) is 3.0/2.4 Gbps - 5.2/4.7 Gbps.

Proactively prevent threats with simplified security for your distributed business. Deploy PA-400 series ML-Powered NGFW (PA-460, PA-450, PA-440) for thousands of branch offices, midsize businesses, and distributed business branch offices easily and understandably.

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PA-850, PA-820

App-ID Bandwidth 2Gbps, 1.6Gbps

The Palo Alto Networks PA-800 Series is a family of next-generation firewalls that provide superior-class security and connectivity for branch offices for different size enterprises and midsize businesses.

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Throughput (HTTP/app mix) of 550/560 Mbps.

Protect even the smallest parts of your business from cyber threats, safely enabling SD-WAN with the PA-220 NGFW. 

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App-ID throughput of 580 Mbp

Palo Alto Networks PA-220R is a next-generation firewall designed for threat prevention and security in harsh environments. The PA-220R provides reliable protection and connectivity for power and manufacturing plants, oil and gas facilities, facility management systems, healthcare networks, and other industrial or defense enterprises.

Request a Free SLR Report

Our engineers install firewalls in your organization for seven days, and upon expiration of the week, an SLR (Security Lifecycle Review) report is generated based on the results of checking your network traffic. An SLR report is a detailed report providing the information unique to your organization that will help you discover applications, threats, and security vulnerabilities in your enterprise.