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Palo Alto Networks is a leading provider of information security solutions. The company's solutions, combined into the most innovative and technologically advanced operating system with machine learning technology, protect the network and endpoints, critical infrastructure, the Cloud, and help identify and prevent even the most sophisticated attacks.



Next-Generation Firewall is the latest generation of network security solutions that unites all existing network security technologies with best-in-class performance.Global Protect is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for mobile devices, which comes as part of the Palo Alto Networks OS.PriSma SaaS protects SaaS services (Salesforce, Google Drive, etc.).Threat prevention is a mechanism, preventing threats.WildFire is an advanced threat detection service finding risks across the entire network.Panorama – centralized management of a distributed firewalls network.



Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls provide the ability to identify and control applications, users, and content – not just ports, IP addresses, and packets. NGFW from Palo Alto Networks completes this task using three unique identification technologies: App-ID, User-ID, and Content-ID. These identity technologies enable you to create the security policies for your business needs, rather than following the all-or-nothing concept of traditional port-blocking firewalls.


Network Security

Prevent attacks with Palo Alto's industry-leading network security and NGFW products, while ensuring users, applications, and data are always protected no matter where they are.


Cloud Security

Protect your way to the Cloud with the industry's most complete cloud security, protecting users, applications, and data.


Security Automation

A complete and effective product for ensuring safe operations with the best prevention, detection, automation, and response capabilities.




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Use Cases Examples

Обеспечения защиты информации и ИТ ресурсов

Providing the protection of information and IT resources

Selection and integration of NGFW to ensure the protection of information and IT resources in the field of Agricultural resources.

GTP Firewall

GTP Firewall

Integration of NGFW Palo Alto Networks using the GTP network protocol, which provided the client with a complete inspection of user traffic.

Построение надежный системы автоматической защиты

Building a reliable automatic protection system

To fulfill the client's task of building a reliable system of automatic protection against Internet threats for all PC users working remotely, we have chosen virtual NGFW from Palo Alto Networks.

Построение и внедрение системы защиты корпоративной сети

Development and implementation of a corporate network protection system

The client gave the task of organizing the protection of the company's corporate network and endpoints. After evaluation of the current state of network security and considering the client's wishes, ESKA's experts proposed NGFW from Palo Alto Networks including Traps technology.