Vulnerability Management



Tenable Network Security is a complex end-to-end solution that provides continuous user awareness and the provision of critical contextual information needed to protect the company and its data.



Vulnerability Management – discovery, assessment, prioritization, remediation, and assessment of all assets in the computing environment.
IT/OT – provides security for industrial operations and critical infrastructure. Tenable.ot equips you with interactive dashboards and reports, and out-of-the-box integration for enterprise IT security tools. As a result, you get excellent visibility of your enterprise’s information and operational technologies.
Application Security – Tenable provides the ability to integrate security testing into the DevOps pipeline without sacrificing speed. Now you can assess the vulnerabilities, detect the malware, and enforce policies before deploying your application to protect DevOps processes. It is also possible to obtain detailed information about the security of application performance, thanks to the frequent and automated scanning of web applications.
Cloud Security – effectively manage vulnerabilities based on cloud security risks.
Compliance and Security Standards – by providing hardware and software discovery, vulnerability management, and configuration assessment, Tenable enables organizations to implement uniform security controls to support multiple security compliance and standards.



The Tenable.ep platform is the industry's first solution for assessing, managing, and measuring the cyber risks across the attack surface in a comprehensive way. Using the platform, you can rely on complete observability and visibility across all the cyber risks from IT, cloud, IoT, and OT. For making that analytics visually assessable, you can rely on the detailed analytics to measure and discuss cyber-risks for planning on cybersecurity strategy, making it effective.

Tenable. ep is fully integrated with all capabilities that are a part of one complex and comprehensive solution for utmost efficiency.



- Vulnerability Assessment Solution #1

Nessus is the world's most widely used vulnerability scanner. Available as a single-user, Nessus Professional scanner, or as a multi-user Nessus Manager scanning system, it provides fast and reliable identification of vulnerabilities, configuration, and compliance issues, and also detects the malware in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.


- Vulnerability management

Tenable. sc – Provides a risk-based view of the IT environment, security, and compliance state to quickly identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities.Tenable. sc managed locally and leveraging Nessus technology, provides the industry's most comprehensive vulnerability coverage with a continuous real-time network assessment.


- Identifying, researching, and prioritizing vulnerabilities is the world's first cyber threat management platform that provides visibility into all risks across all possible attack areas - from IT to the cloud to containers. Built on Nessus technology, it provides the industry's most comprehensive vulnerability coverage, allowing you to predict which security issues should be addressed first.


Tenable Lumin

- Visualization, research, comparison of the cyber risk surface

Tenable Lumin is an advanced solution for visualization, analytics, cyber risk surface research, and tracking of their mitigation. Tenable Lumin transforms vulnerability data into meaningful intelligence to help manage cyber risks across your organization.



- Full visibility, security and control of the OT network

Tenable. ot protects industrial networks from cyber threats, insider threats, and human error. Through threat detection and mitigation, asset inventory, vulnerability management, and configuration control, Tenable enables you to identify and predict the priorities of threats and vulnerabilities to maximize the security and reliability of the operating technology environment.


- Scanning web applications, detecting vulnerabilities and threats

Create new scans in seconds and get accurate and reliable results in minutes with Web App Scanning.


- Protection of containers during development and operation Container Security secures Docker containers by scanning container images, including vulnerabilities, malware, and policy violations through integration with the development process.


- Optimizing PCI Data Security Compliance Verification

Tenable's PCI ASV solution uses Vulnerability Management scanning to optimize the ASV process, including triggering scans, resolving disputes, and preparing compliant scan reports following PCI 11.2.2 requirements.

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