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A free webinar about a solution based on the collaboration of ITAM and ITSM approaches, which allows you to get more complete information for making managerial and technical decisions.


Who will benefit from the webinar

  • CIOs, business leaders interested in improving the quality of customer service and reducing the routine burden on internal departments

  • Heads of IT departments responsible for accounting for IT assets and interaction with other departments (with accounting, financiers, procurement, warehouse, suppliers)

  • Customer support and Service Desk managers, technical support specialists

Webinar program

In our webinar, we will look at the Ivanti Enterprise Service Management platform, review and demonstrate how the IT service and asset management solution works.
We will discuss such topics:● Presentation of the concept of "Unified IT" based on the Ivanti ESM platform.● Automation of IT and business processes.● Single window principle.● Automation of configuration items and assets management.● Benefit from an integrated approach and sharing of Service and Asset Manager processes.● Benefits of the Ivanti ESM platform.● Conducting a demonstration of the script.
Speaker: Artur Badalyan - Technical Consultant of Ivanti.

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    20 minutes

    Ivanti Enterprise Service Management Platform Overview

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    Demonstration of the solution 

    30 minutes


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    Completion, Q&A

    5-10 minutes

    Questions and Feedback

PossibilitiesIvanti Enterprise Service Management

Ivanti ESM takes a holistic approach to IT asset and service management to intelligently automate service and business processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve non-IT service delivery.



Ivanti allows you to automate interactions with company staff by automating the hiring and firing of employees to/from work. In addition, this function will help in issuing certificates, paying salaries, and the work travel budgets.



This feature will help improve overall building management. Streamline relocation requests, renovation orders, maintenance, and general building management.


Customer service

Thanks to automation, you can reduce the call waiting time, improve the speed of problem-solving, while reducing costs and improving the quality of external and internal services provided.


Other departments

Help other teams design and automate their end-to-end processes to better communicate with their users.


Cost optimization

Optimize app spending by gaining a comprehensive view of your portfolio, including license and contract renewals, and purchase history.

The modern way of delivering business services

Ivanti combines ITSM and ITAM processes into a single suite for complete and accurate control of services and infrastructure.

Benefits of using Ivanti Enterprise Service Management:

  • A single ITSM and ITAM tool with the intersection of processes for greater efficiency and convenience of employees.

  • You can exceed customer expectations by eliminating unnecessary manual or repetitive interactions, which will help you gain a better understanding of customer needs and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Increase productivity by automating the workflow, which frees your team from routine activities and allows you to focus on more important tasks and projects.

  • To make the delivery of work processes and activities more efficient and effective, standardize and validate a set of processes, thereby eliminating the possibility of errors and increasing quality.

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    Optimization will simplify end-to-end processes by automating tasks and workflows within a business unit.

  • Expanding the capabilities of self-service, self-help, knowledge-seeking, and social collaboration will allow even the highest customer expectations to be exceeded.

  • Support digital transformation across divisions by developing new workflows and other processes to drive efficiency through integration and automation.

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Conditions of participation

The webinar is held on the Zoom platform. Participation is free, registration is required with a corporate email address (materials and a link to access the webinar will be sent to this address). A reminder with an access link will be sent to the specified phone number.

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