Mobile App Development


- Mobile App Development

Our company gathers experts across different domains of app development, who are ready to make a market-ready app following all stages that custom mobile app developers should follow. We will analyze the market needs in your niche, pull together a team of developers, designers, and testers which will cover both your frontend and backend needs at each stage.

Developing a mobile app, you get better business visibility, new revenue channels, and increased customer engagement. Boost customer trust and loyalty through regular interactions through your brand’s application. Don’t miss out on a valuable market segment – create a competitive and engaging business app. Take your company to a new level of performance – make a powerful step toward stable customer-business connection.

- Mobile App Development Services

From design and development to branding and analytics, we do it all.

- Mobile App Prototype Development

Prototyping is a vital step in developing a mobile app. The success of the project is largely dependent on a well-thought-out technical software concept. We do it for you. A prototype is a functional but simplified test model of a planned product, component, or software. 

- Mobile App UI/UX Design

Now the users are that spoilt that they would barely come back to an app that doesn’t have a good UI/UX. We have the ambition to break the barriers between your business and users.With this belief and the attention of details, our mobile app development production will link user needs with the goals of your business to gain customer satisfaction and grow the revenue.

- Mobile App Backend Development

We develop easily scalable, reliable, and secure web applications of any type and complexity.Getting an app with the thought-out backend development, you get a major contribution to the success of your business.

- Mobile App Maintenance

Your application hosts the breadth of your client’s and business’s data, so to smoothen its lifecycle you need to handle it properly. Minimize the downtime and with it, the client’s dissatisfaction, who are used to the flawless work of the mobile apps.

- Mobile App Porting

Adapt your mobile application and expand it to other platforms so it can work in a different environment, different from the environment for which it was originally written with maximum preservation of its custom properties. We will assist you in making it available on all the platforms you want, not simply keeping, but bettering its performance.

- Third-party API

We are the ideal partner when it comes to developing solutions that can be integrated into your existing application landscape or have to be connected to third-party systems. We have gained experience with numerous APIs and platforms such as SAP.We integrate APIs created by other developers in the mobile apps that we develop. 

Mobile Application Development Platforms


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Native Mobile App Development

Java, Object-C

Native mobile app development involves building apps for particular mobile operating systems, and users access them from dedicated app stores (such as the App Store or Google Play).For a dedicated mobile platform, we develop scalable and high-performance applications with industry-leading features and functionalities while being lightweight. 

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Hybrid Mobile App Development

JavaScript, HTML5, IONIC

Hybrid mobile apps are generally built on Web technologies. The idea is to write your codes once and run it on multiple platforms seamlessly. 

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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

React Native

Cross-platform mobile development refers to the development of mobile apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms.

Special Features

Our standard practice is to deliver more than meeting functional requirements. ESKA stays on top of the latest software trends and practices and holds a vast connection network from the experts of different industries to ensure our product will do good.

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Latest Projects

Check some of our projects to know how we help businessessolve their challenges

- Blockchain Based Systems For Publicly Funded Universities


Project scope: Applying Hyperledger Fabric to increase transparency in public spending on education.
Initial task: Public spending on education are black-box level transparent. The universities supposed to use public, grant, donor and NGO funding to support talented students and vulnerable students from the lower-income groups. 


- Near


Automated guest interaction for the HoReCa enterprise.This project is a food-tech app designed to automate interaction of restaurants and their visitors. service based on the geolocation, blockchain system, smart contract technologies, and using the QR codes you can manage your order by your own just using the web or mobile client.


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