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Dynatrace is a leader in Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Dynatrace is a software company that provides application performance management: artificial intelligence for operations, the cloud infrastructure monitoring and digital experience management, application security.

Leader by Gartner
Dynatrace is recognized as a leader in its field by Gartner in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for APM and got the highest score in 4 of 5 use cases of Critical for APM capabilities.This was the eleventh time in a row for Dynatrace to get the leadership of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM which means that Dynatrace never settles at its achievements and is continuously bettering its capabilities and productivity.



Autonomous cloud transforms the IT from manual operations to autonomous, noOps cloud operations. This way you can bring the advanced automation for DevOps practices, AI, and cloud-native environments to deliver software continuously and automate operations.
Microservices & containers - Dynatrace can map the dependencies of your enterprise continuously and automatically, not depending on its complexity.
DevOps - Form an unbreakable delivery pipeline and turn on the self-healing options which will enable you to provide innovations rather than waste time troubleshooting. Dynatrace will do this for you, while you can be occupied in the more complex tasks, requiring your
intelligence and time.

IoT monitoring - lets you observe everything from the end device through to the application layer and all the underlying infrastructure in a complete way.
Digital experience – see the applications the way your users see it, capturing every click,
swipe and tap, so you can rest assured knowing that the users get the perfect
digital experience as they expect every single time using your business



Dynatrace Intelligent Platform – there is no longer a need to use a huge amount of tools and waste the time to launch them. Manage the quality of IT services on a single automated platform with Artificial Intelligence technology.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring module for environments and cases where full APM is not required. Consolidate tools with a comprehensive cloud infrastructure solution that includes AIOps for accurate and instant responses to anomalies and degradation.

Applications & Microservices

Get the best-in-class award-winning APM in its category. Dynatrace is an automatic complete tool, which provides you with highly accurate data in the context of all transactions for greater accuracy. The APM from Dynatrace includes cloud infrastructure monitoring and AIOps to provide instant responses across the entire stack.

Application Security

DevSecOps delivers digital services faster and more confidently with Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) optimized for the cloud and Kubernetes.

Digital Experience

Optimize user experience across all applications. The real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring combined with 4k movie playback ensure application optimization, better customer experience, and customer support across all digital channels. The digital experience includes AIOps, providing intelligence to better the experience of each user.

Business Analytics

Using AI technology, get real-time answers based on business questions, linking business metrics to data already flowing through the application performance and digital work modules. Digital Business Intelligence includes AIOps for instant analysis of conversions, orders, outflow, validation of releases, customer segmentation, and much more.

Cloud Automation

Provide the developers, DevOps, and SRE teams with an integrated end-to-end platform across production and pre-production environments and bring together the automated delivery pipelines with full lifecycle observability.


OneAgent is a service of specialized processes providing continuous, automatic discovery & observability across your full-stack


Using an agent-based architecture and the unique PurePath technology, failures, anomalies, real-user monitoring data, host and system files are monitored in real-time and end-to-end, problems are limited to individual lines of code.


Dynatrace Smartscape builds an interactive map with
all the components of the application and indicates how they are related to each other is an artificial intelligence engine that provides predictive responses in real-time.

Davis AI

The virtual assistant Davis, powered by AI\offers help through voice and chat to manage the platform and gives the explainable answers that drive self-healing and automation. Davis is a part of every aspect of the platform.


Dynatrace is scalable across hundreds
of thousands of hosts, millions of entities, and even the biggest multi-clouds.

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Use Cases Examples

Мониторинг производительности приложений дистанционного банковского обслуживания с Dynatrace

Monitoring the performance of remote banking applications with Dynatrace

To increase the efficiency of the bank's automated system and as a result to improve the quality of customer service we have implemented a system for tracking the performance of applications. We have chosen the Dynatrace platform as a perfect solution.