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Ivanti provides solutions for managing an organization's IT infrastructure, IT services, and IT assets. Ivanti automates IT and security operations to discover, manage, protect, and maintain cloud services and peripherals.



    Management of updates for third-party software and operating systems (patching)
    Management of updates for data center servers
    Expansion of MEM functionality by patching for third-party software
    Migration of users to Windows 10 without data loss and update failures
    Apple and Mac device management



Ivanti brings together 5 key IT technologies and provides integrations with other systems to automate and simplify IT and security management.

- Ivanti Neurons

Hyper-automation platform

Proactive, predictable, and continuous self-healing, device self-defense, and end-user self-service.

- Enterprise Service Management

Improving the delivery of business services

Ivanti Service Manager solution allows you to combine 3 platforms ITSM, ITAM, UEM into a single system and achieve maximum efficiency in the use of products.

- Unified Endpoint Management Solutions

IT infrastructure and security management

Unified Endpoint Manager automates complex IT processes and empowers IT to work with devices faster and smarter.

- IT Security

Information Security

Ivanti Endpoint Security solutions provide security controls that are considered by global experts to be the highest barriers to real-world attacks.

- Supply Chain

Increasing the speed of processing the orders

Mobile productivity with Wavelink and Naurtech. Mobility solutions empower employees to be more productive and profitable.

Ivanti solution for ITSM

Ivanti Service Manager provides a proven solution for modern and efficient service delivery. Ivanti ITSM enables you to take advantage of modern, proven IT service management capabilities within IT and other areas of your company. The main customer benefit is fast deployment and configuration in the cloud or locally. In addition, Ivanti customers also report improved service efficiency and productivity through best practices and 13 ITIL-certified processes.

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