Cross-Platform Mobile App Development


- Cross-platform Mobile App Development

We provide cross-platform app development solutions to build mobile apps for different platforms without writing the same code twice.
Cross-platform development is the best way to cut the cumulative cost for a mobile application. It helps your business to reduce upgrade costs, time-to-market and to reach more users and followers without loss of quality. With cross-platform mobile application development, ESKA allows its customers to invest in IT solutions with less effort.

- Hybrid Cross-platform Apps


Hybrid cross-platform applications have multiple interfaces for different user roles. Depending on the application scope it could be web, mobile (iOS or Android) or desktop interfaces.

ESKA develops mobile applications using React Native. A multi platform framework that allows to put mobile web application into a native application container and providing the same level of access to the device as a native application. These applications can be published in the app store or play market.


Benefits of Сross-platform Mobile App Development

Complex businesses require intricate interaction of people with different flows, processes and tools. A hybrid application allows streamlining working processes into a single integrated scalable and flexible command centre with multiple interfaces tailored to each user's needs.

- Low development costs

Having one team responsible for every part of your digital infrastructure reduces the transactional costs of changing or adding functionality which provides more flexibility in less time and budget

- Faster development process

Single source code base and development guidelines allow for faster and more efficient development process. Adding new features is way easier with a single contact point for all of your software

- Easy maintenance and updates

Technical support, fixes, maintenance or migrations are way more efficient when there is no need to set up a communication and interaction between different departments and different teams

- 70–90% reusable code

Maximum functionality with minimum code lines. Our code doctrine is designed to be applicable across every platform we work with

Special Features

Our standard practice is to deliver more than meeting functional requirements. ESKA stays on top of the latest software trends and practices and holds a vast connection network from the experts of different industries to ensure our product will do good.

    Integration with smart devices
    Touch ID
    Indicate loading or downloading
    Offline mode

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Latest Projects

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- Blockchain Based Systems For Publicly Funded Universities


Project scope: Applying Hyperledger Fabric to increase transparency in public spending on education.
Initial task: Public spending on education are black-box level transparent. The universities supposed to use public, grant, donor and NGO funding to support talented students and vulnerable students from the lower-income groups. 


- Near


Automated guest interaction for the HoReCa enterprise.This project is a food-tech app designed to automate interaction of restaurants and their visitors. service based on the geolocation, blockchain system, smart contract technologies, and using the QR codes you can manage your order by your own just using the web or mobile client.


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