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- Chatbots Development

Get full-cycle of chatbot development services to revolutionize the way businesses interact with customers and streamline interactions. Save up to 60% of development cost and also get state-of-art infrastructure, experienced team and latest technologies development.

- Chatbots Development Services

Get a complete cycle of chatbot development services to revolutionize the way your company interacts with your clients. With a chatbot, you could contact customers around the clock immediately without having to employ a large service team. Besides, chatbots meet current user expectations and are therefore indispensable for modern companies and their online offerings.

- Banking & Finance chatbot

Customers receive 24/7 automated help for money management, financial advice, analysis, data collection, new products and services, money transfers, and bill payments. A chatbot could calculate and apply for a mortgage or loan, send notifications on upcoming payments, is the right hand in instant payments and money transfers conduction.

- Travel chatbot

With a chatbot, you offer each of your customers a personalized user experience. With the help of your customer analysis data, dialogue-oriented chatbots can help customers book hotels or flights/trains/bus tickets - on all channels and devices. If necessary, consultants can seamlessly take over the conversation and see all the content of the previous interaction. In this way, you will offer customers in the tourism industry exactly what they value.

- E-commerce chatbot

In a physical store, customers can ask an employee for help to advise them on products, sales conditions, and other common questions. Contact between people does not exist in an online store. During the purchase process, the customer cannot interact with anyone to help him. Here the chatbot is your greatest assistant.

- Insurance chatbot

Insurance chatbots can effectively educate potential insurance buyers on the services which interest them while simplifying the insurance buying process. Insurance chatbots allow 24/7 claims submission, process requests for insurance renewal, freeing your time as it addresses the common customers' claims and issues. Insurance chatbots can offer new policy suggestions. 

- Healthcare chatbot

The bot is capable of simplifying repetitive tasks, such as scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelling appointments with the doctor for a patient. Do the data entry without having to fill out exhaustive forms or depend on the telephone service. They can also act as virtual nurses, helping patients with the most recurring questions. Chatbots conduct an initial assessment to understand what service is needed for a particular person that could send the patient to the exact hospital.

- Recruiting & HR chatbot

Through chatbots, timeless interviews can be carried out, so that the candidate can choose the best time of day to be able to carry out the tests of the selection process. With the chatbots, you could filter the talent that the company needs and consider suitable potential candidates. At the same time that the company saves resources, it will be improving its image in the labour market, since it shows an innovative and attractive image to attract talent. 

- Service Desk chatbot

The Service Desk will not escape new emerging trends, artificial intelligence and robotization. Service desk chatbot will take on the next tasks: it could unlock the user account or access card, help the user to reset/restore password, connect you to a network printer, FAQ, network folder access or VPN configuration.

- Enterprise chatbot

Chatbot in the enterprise area gives the opportunity to have an intelligent contact with employees, revolutionizing their way of communicating. Intelligent contact means joining human and automated attention, integrating analytics tools and AI to evolve their experience and, also, create specific chatbots to solve the main problems of your employees. This chatbot would take care of simple corporate tasks such as booking a business trip or a meeting room, informing the newbie in the corporate policies, etc.

Special Features

Our standard practice is to deliver more than meeting functional requirements. ESKA stays on top of the latest software trends and practices and holds a vast connection network from the experts of different industries to ensure our product will do good.

    Personal communication 24/7 – communicate with clients at any time convenient for them and in their favorite messenger. 
    High Conversion – Chatbots are able to rise the subscription conversion up to 40%. The rate of opening the messages is up to 80%, the click-through rate is up to 40%.
    Interactivity – a person can ask any question or raise an objection and get an instant answer.
    Cost reduction – No need for programmers and designers anymore. You will need only traffic and sales managers.
    End-to-end analytics for ROI, LTV, CAC, conversions, sales have already been implemented. All this on your mobile device.
    All in one – All services and messengers in a single account: CRM, chats, autofunnel, payments, landing pages.
    Artificial Intelligence – The chat bot accumulates answer options and after 1 month it will be able to answer 99.5% of questions without the participation of managers.
    One-click payment – once making a payment a client can buy from you in 1 click.

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