We help you build great software


ESKA Services

We build software products that drive revenue. With more than 10-year expertise in building IT solutions we know that driving revenue requires aligning technology needs to business outcomes.

We do that by identifying the best ways to optimize the customer experience and monetize your data or content. From custom software development with the latest tech to automated quality assurance, you get all types of software development services to help you build, sustain, and modernise enterprise software.

Product Development

Creating a product from scratch. Starting from the concept, architecture and business logic, we continue with the prototype all the way to Proof of Concept and then MVP. The product is finalized with extensive testing and polishing user interface. Available with web, desktop or mobile interfaces of your choice.

Custom Development

Full-stack custom software development. Consulting on the implementation of software solutions to improve your business. Expertise across multiple industries.Available with web, desktop or mobile interfaces of your choice.


Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform development is the best way to cut the cumulative cost for a mobile application. It helps your business to reduce upgrade costs, time-to-market and to reach more users and followers without loss of quality. With cross-platform mobile application development, ESKA allows its customers to invest in IT solutions with less effort.

High-Load Web Application Development

ESKA provides design, development, testing, deployment, migration and maintenance of high load web applications.
Also, we provide consulting services for high load app developers like project architecture design, UI/UX design and code audition.

API Integration

ESKA has experience and tools in developing and integrating API for multiple applications and services. We combine complex technologies with proven processes that alleviate redundancy, gaps and potential overlaps that may exist within your organization.

UI/UX Design and Development

ESKA provides a range of UI/UX services. Gathering end-user data, building prototypes and doing usability audits. We help your products to become more engaging and deliver a meaningful user experience that converts into tangible business results.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud consulting services help you select the right cloud solutions that integrate smoothly and deliver optimal return on technology investment.