Web security monitoring 24/7

Manage and protect your site or any facility with Intelligent Security service - ESKA's Smart Site Security System. Our comprehensive security system protects your business from intruders and gives you complete protection and control from anywhere.


Monitoring and protection 24/7

The Web Security Monitoring service ensures the uninterrupted safe operation of a web resource, reducing financial and human resources needed to respond to incidents and maintain operability.
We provide monitoring of the web resource’s availability, assuring qualified 24/7 assistance, and give recommendations for eliminating vulnerabilities to maximize the efficiency of your business. In critical situations, we guarantee the restoration of the availability of a web resource within a short period. Also, we survey the web resource for vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for their elimination.

    We will install a smart security system on the site to protect your business from intruders
    Real-time monitoring of all movements on and off the website


Getting the site monitoring and protection service, you are guaranteed to get:

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Security monitoring 24/7

Protection from intruders and external threats

Productivity increase

Prevent cyber attacks with special packages
for every website 

PenTesting Service

PenTesting service is a check of your web resource’s security. Web resources combine various forms of technology and provide an interactive framework for others to use. We will examine your web resource, carry out scanning with automated tools, check each vulnerability found, and create a report providing recommendations on the errors and vulnerabilities found.

Backup&Restore Service

This service minimizes damage through the use of backup and recovery technology.
To do this, we make a copy of your web resource. If the main web resource is unavailable, all traffic switches to this copy. After the main site is restored, traffic switches back to the main site. Your customers won't notice the difference in service delivery.

Development Service

Our development team can create a website and applications based on a combination of your wishes with the most advanced methods and technologies.

Support Service

This service was created to ensure the security and monitoring of your web resource.Thanks to the use of technology that minimizes the loading of web pages content, which includes more than 200 servers around the world, we increase the performance and availability of your web resource by: protection functionality of distributed denial of service; WAF (Web Application Firewall); protection from bots; cryptographic protection of DNS; load distribution; SSL/TLS encryption of all traffic and access control based on IP address; geolocation data; the number of requests.This allows you to protect against any attacks on your web resource, including OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 attacks. After configuring the rules, we monitor its performance and security by providing reports and recommendations following the SLA.


No intruder will be able to get through our defense

Imagine the server, hosting your site, as a home. A domain is a door to a house through which users can enter and interact with a website. A house filled with values should be guarded even at the gate stage. We will provide not only a powerful “fence” in front of your server but also an “evil dog” that will identify criminals and all suspicious persons by their behavioral patterns and keep them away from your website.

Before purchasing the service, we recommend diagnosing your site for potential and existing threats.

The system administrator will have much more time to manage the "body" of the site if 24/7 protection is enabled.

The reports that we regularly provide will help to:

    Analyze the work of the site
    Track website load
    Quickly identify internal vulnerabilities and act to address them


Read our customer success stories to find out why they choose ESKA


Artem Klypa

CEO at Spectr Logistics

Our company is Spectr Logistics - a business in the area of car shipping. We were looking for an outsource company to design a matching engine between trucks and orders for car shipping.
The project was rapidly estimated and carefully developed and deployed. ESKA provided the best communication experience among all the outsourcing companies we met so far.


Vladyslav Kovtun

CEO at Kolo Agrarhandel GmbH

Yet we've done a small in-house solution for our business processes optimization and facilitation. The job was done quite quickly with good responsive communication. Looking forward to extend cooperation in new fileds.


Alexander Davydenko

Group Chief Innovation Officer at TECHIIA

I have a long story of relationships with Ivan, the ESKA CEO. His team provided the most extensive initial analysis and quite elaborate architectural solution which was delivered on time. Thank ESKA for wonderful cooperation on the blockchain pilot project.
It was a huge challenge to do the project in a rapidly changing technology landscape with multiple stakeholders constantly changing their minds.
ESKA proved to be highly competent in technology, diplomacy, crisis management and stress resistance.

What do you get in the result?

By connecting the Website Monitoring and Protection service 24/7, you get guaranteed protection against external threats and prompt response to attempts by intruders to hack your website and all cybersecurity threat incidents.


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Penetration Testing

A simulated attack on IT systems, using the methods of hackers, is carried out in order to determine the vulnerability of systems, after which appropriate protection measures can be taken.


Red Teaming

The Red Team simulates a multi-stage attack and focuses on your company's digital assets. The aim is to sustainably strengthen the resilience of companies against cyber-attacks.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

The Virtual CISO helps the organization identify its current security maturity, analyze the risk scenario, detect what must be protected and the level of required protection, as well as to determine the regulatory requirements that must be met.