Express Security Audit

Overview of the general security questions of your business, figure out the main direction to develop security and identify areas for improvement, that includes such services.

    Website vulnerability scanning. Check whether your website needs a pen test.
    ESKA consulting session. 1-hour meeting with our cyber security team to analyze an organization's current security posture and the security risks your business faces, with a recommended security plan as a result.

Startups are often commonly interested in these services:


Penetration Testing

A simulated attack on IT systems, using the methods of hackers, is carried out in order to determine the vulnerability of systems, after which appropriate protection measures can be taken.


WordPress Security Monitoring

Ensuring uninterrupted secure operation of a web resource, monitoring its availability 24/7, and eliminating vulnerabilities for maximum efficiency of your business.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

The Virtual CISO helps the organization identify its current security maturity, analyze the risk scenario, detect what must be protected and the level of required protection, as well as to determine the regulatory requirements that must be met.