Vanta - automated security and compliance platform that helps your business comply with security standards and certifications - SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA. Over 3,000 companies trust Vanta to successfully complete security audits in weeks, instead of months.


Why do you need Vanta?

You need to scale-up your business or increase your reputation by accepted security standards and certifications.

You can conduct an expensive audit, spend time and additional resources. Or you can go the other way - use an automated solution to getting compliant - Vanta.

Vanta automates up to 90% of the work required for security audits 

Getting certified has never been so easy

Connect your tools and infrastructure

Use 60+ pre-built Vanta integrations or Vanta APIs for custom solutions.

Full analytics

A single dashboard to display your company ready for certification.

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See your gaps

Check your policies that need to be changed, or create in accordance with the compliance requirements.

Preparation for certification

Create policies from a template.

Complete audit 

Vanta simplifies the auditor selection process and enables them to complete audit entirely in Vanta.

The most in-demand frameworks in weeks, not months

SOC 2 

With Vanta, you can automate your compliance data collection and quickly gather all the information you need to achieve SOC 2 certification.

ISO 27001 

Using Vanta policy templates, you can quickly achieve ISO 27001 certification and take your business to the international level. 


Save time and money on your journey to GDPR compliance. Vanda will help you automate your evidence collection so you can easily prove GDPR compliance.

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Vanta can help your company develop a strategy for managing any sensitive health information effectively, as well as simplify the HIPAA compliance process.


With Vanta, you will better understand the PCI DSS requirements for your business and complete SAQ and ROC faster. Vanta is also a QSA, that is, it meets the requirements for assessing compliance with the PCI DSS standard.


Vanta can help you quickly determine if your business is CCPA compliant so you can do business in California with peace of mind.

The thoughtfully built features you need to get & stay compliant

    Vanta Seamless Audit
    Custom evidence & controls
    Auditor dashboard
    Vanta API
    Slack & email notifications
    Recurring document upload
    Access management

    Continuous monitoring & testing
    Trust Reports
    Policy editor
    Two-way task tracker integrations
    Vulnerability management
    Managed year-2 support
    Employee on/offboarding

World-class support & expertise from ESKA

Dedicated Customer Success Managers help you optimize Vanta to address your
business needs.

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Implementation Team provides multi-week 1:1 onboarding and platform training.

Complex consults with ESKA’s in-house audit experts.

ESKA's experts provide a full support during the audit preparation.

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Set uping all needed policies for getting compliance.


In-app chat with compliance experts.

Contact our experts

ESKA experts will help you integrate the security and compliance platform into your infrastructure and walk you through the entire certification journey. Contact us today and get the tools and people to work for you.