Hybrid Cloud Security Posture Management



Tufin SecureCloud has revolutionized cloud security. Companies no longer have to sacrifice flexibility for security. Try SecureCloud's policy-driven, automated approach to make your journey to the cloud secure. Rest assured that your cloud, hybrid cloud, and Kubernetes applications are properly configured and secure.



    Visibility of the state of cloud security in real-time;
    Implementation of security policies without a new control panel;
    Ensuring security without sacrificing speed of deployment or business flexibility;
    Monitoring the status of the connection and troubleshooting;
    Well-established communication between business units and network teams;
    Simplified firewall and router policy management



SecureCloud complements Tufin Orchestration Suite, the only platform that provides you with security policy management across disparate environments (on-premises, cloud, and hybrid clouds).

- Visibility and control

Discover and visualize workloads with SecureCloud automatic policy detection. All deployed assets, configurations, and security settings can now be visualized using an application-centric SecureCloud topology.

- Fast detection and mitigation

SecureCloud automatically detects and warns of unauthorized data exchanges, ultimately helping to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with security requirements. Integrates with SIEM and messaging systems (such as Slack) to notify security teams about misconfigurations and incompatible applications.

- Shift-left network security

Balance security and agility without disrupting agile processes by building security into DevOps CI/CD pipelines. SecureCloud natively integrates with DevOps to analyze the risks of application network traffic. Identify and resolve security issues early and solve conflicts between security and development, accelerating the delivery of reliable and secure applications.

- Build, test, and apply micro-segmentation

Automatically detect and enforce micro-segmentation and policy constraints based on workloads and application context. Provide full visibility of movement from all directions to prevent communication inconsistencies and reduce the attack surface. Automatically configure and apply security policies to workloads

- Ensure continuous compliance

With SecureCloud, you can now continuously monitor containers, public clouds, and firewalls, and detect cybersecurity breaches, and SecureCloud will automatically prevent and block unauthorized communication. This feature will help ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, business continuity, and uninterrupted application availability.

- Enable a Zero Trust security model

Transparency and micro-segmentation are key to building the Zero Trust security model. SecureCloud continuously monitors activity in your environment and automatically creates and enforces micro-segmentation policies to reduce the attack surface.

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