Exabeam is the industry-leading SaaS analytics and automation platform based on User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). Improves the productivity of the SOC team by automating multiple processes, thereby reducing the time spent on mechanical operations.



    Detection (UBA analytics) of stolen accounts, fraudulent insiders, unusual behavior.
    Prioritizing critical incidents by assessing dynamic risks and risky users based on their activity.
    Cloud-based analytics and automation enable the SOC team to detect attacker tactics and techniques directly, rather than relying on threat intelligence libraries. Automation helps improve productivity at all stages of the workflow.
    Machine learning provides automatic data generation in the context of sessions, accounts, IP addresses, and devices.
    Automated formation of events timing diagram within a session speeds up the investigation process and eliminates manual operations.

Using Exabeam your company’s analysts can reduce the time that takes to detect, investigate and triage 

51%of the saved time

The usefulness of Exabeam solutions is proven by the customer’s satisfaction rate of

92%our clients

The number of alerts that analysts can triage is almost twice more using Exabeam equaling 

83%instead of 45% using a traditional SIEM



A versatile cloud platform: discover, explore, react. Using advanced analytics, automation, and a results-based approach, Exabeam enables analysts to conduct more comprehensive and repeatable security studies.
The all-in-one cloud platform for threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR). In this platform, XDR and SIEM are combined into a single, cloud-delivered platform.

- Advanced Analytics

Sophisticated threat detection and investigation using behavioral user analytics.

- Behavior Analytics

Exabeam advanced analytics and Exabeam Entity Analytics form a UEBA solution that is leveraging behavioral analytics for detecting threats and investigating in a modern and comprehensive way.

- Case Management

Workspace for managing and collaborating on incident resolution.Using Exabeam Case Manager you obtain a workspace to manage the incident resolution and collaborate on solving them.

- Cloud Connectors

Cloud Connectors from Exabeam provide you with a reliable, pre-built log collection and response orchestration for over 40 cloud services.

- Data Lake

Unlimited collection and secure storage of data.

- Log management

Data Lake from Exabeam provides a highly scalable data lake for easy search and lightning-fast log storage.

- Incident Responder

Automation and orchestration to improve the productivity of your incident response team.

- Threat Hunter

Point-and-click search using the behavioral threat hunting search technology.

- Threat Intelligence Service

Real-time analysis of malicious hosts and other indicators of compromise.

Transition to modern SIEM

    The Exabeam Safety Data Lake is built using a modern big data infrastructure to collect unlimited log data.
    Exabeam's behavioral analytics identifies abnormal behavior and enables complex and internal attacks to be investigated.
    The Exabeam solution automates incident response scripts to provide timely, consistent results and reduce response times.
    Exabeam Cloud Offerings help CIOs and information security executives move to the cloud.

Add analytics and automation

    Exabeam Advanced Analytics allows you to spend more time analyzing high-priority threats by improving threat detection and automating incident investigation.
    Exabeam Cloud Archive provides information security teams with an affordable, long-term, and easy-to-search log repository.
    Exabeam Cloud Connectors provide you with ready-to-use connectors that can easily pull logs from dozens of popular cloud services like Salesforce, O365, AWS, Google Apps to extend the security monitoring to cloud services and infrastructure while preventing the security blind spots.

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