Ekran System helps companies of all sizes build their strategies to mitigate user security risks with a comprehensive user activity monitoring tool for corporate servers and desktops. The solution provides client monitoring and protection for various types of endpoints, centralizes and stores data on the Ekran system server-side, and provides a centralized web-based control panel.



    Prevention of internal threats - access control, monitoring of insider activity, incident response.
    Employee monitoring - universal software for monitoring employee activity. Auditing, personalization and access management, incident response.
    Monitoring the security of third parties - in addition to full-time employees, third-party organizations that provide outsourcing services have access to the corporate infrastructure. The software provides continuous monitoring of third parties, confirmation of the identity of a third party, control of its access, real-time alerts, and activity reports.
    Security incident investigation - using the Ekran System you get a simple yet powerful set of tools to investigate security incidents. You can easily investigate such cybersecurity incidents as fraud, data leaks, and other potentially malicious activity inside your organization's perimeter.
    Privileged user monitoring - privileged users management is essential for an organization’s safety. In order not to compromise the safety of your enterprise’s money & reputation, you have to create and maintain a system for monitoring and controlling the privileged users that are the most powerful insiders in your infrastructure.
    Third-party vendor security monitoring - investigation of security incidents such as data breaches, fraud, and other potentially malicious activities within the perimeter of the company's infrastructure.
    Compliance with IT security policies- Ekran System provides video log data of all sessions from all endpoints of the corporate network. Ekran System records all application activity, visited URLs, entered keystrokes, and even identifies connected USB devices.



Ekran System products provide a full cycle of insider threat management.

Platform architecture

Ekran System is an agent-based multi-deployed software product that monitors and protects clients for different types of endpoints, centralizes and stores data on the Ekran system server-side, and provides a centralized web-based control panel.

Cloud Deployment (SaaS)

Same as the on-premise version, the Ekran System SaaS platform ensures complete visibility into all actions of users in the cloud. Using it, you can clearly see all the user’s interactions with the sensitive data, manage access and prevent insider threats. The number of monitored endpoints can be adjusted according to your wish.

User activity monitoring (UAM)

Monitoring of insider activity. Identification of anomalies. Incident response.
Ekran System is a universal software platform for monitoring user activity, covering the entire infrastructure.

Privileged access control

A complete and effective product for ensuring safe operations with the best prevention, detection, automation, and response capabilities.

Identity management

The identity management toolset, delivered by Ekran System, ensures compliance with multiple security regulations and NIST security controls. 

Alerts and responding to incidents

Ekran System provides an efficient warning system for quick incident response. It provisions you with predefined and custom alerts, analysis of user behavior, and automated incident response.

Audit and reporting

Ekran System's reporting and statistics feature provides the security professionals with a powerful tool to analyze potential cyber threats over time and cross-validate incident response actions.

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