Building and implementing an information security system

Innovation is inevitable, but choosing the right solution is not an easy deal. ESKA's expertise and resources will help to take your bank to the next level of cybersecurity and compliance with industry regulations.

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The digital transformation of the banking sector has increased the potential attack surface, exposing banking institutions to an increased level of cyber threat activity. As more banking businesses adopt digital banking solutions, having effective cybersecurity programs is more important than ever.
The importance of the need for cybersecurity in the banking system is confirmed by the Resolutions of the Regulations of measures to ensure information security in the banking system. They change from country to country, but the meaning remains the same.

The banking sector will always be the target of cybercriminals seeking to break into systems for financial gain. With ESKA, you can maximize your security capabilities and ensure that your critical assets are protected. Empower your banking institution to transform digitally without compromising security or regulatory compliance.

Recommended solutions to meet the requirements for protecting banks from cyber attacks

    Malware protection
    Attack Prevention System (IPS) 
    Webmail Security
    Active Directory
    Control system for administrators using privileged accounts
    Monitoring the use of removable media
    DDOS protection
    Internet traffic control system
    Two-factor authentication system
    System of enhanced protection of servers from attacks
    Information security incident management system
    Network access control systems
    Mobile device management solution, BYOD
    Centralized network management system
    Centralized account management system
    Test data preparation system
    System for monitoring vulnerabilities and installing software updates

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