A swift way to reach security compliance

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Special offer from ESKA and Vanta: 40-minute meeting with experts regarding compliance10% off ESKA services5% off Vanta platform

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01:33 - Introduction.05:22 - About ESKA.11:04 - Overview of Information Security Standards & Frameworks.17:26 - Compliance challenges and solutions.20:53 - Vanta automation platform overview.28:40 - Vanta product demo.39:59 - How ESKA can help you get compliance.44:11 - Special offer.46:30 - Q&A session.

Related services and solutions


ISO 27001

An ISO 27001 certification is the documented evidence that ISMS is compliant with the respective system certification requirements. ESKA could help you comply with ISO/IEC 27001 to demonstrate your enterprise's commitment to a safe and secure approach to information handling.



Meeting EU GDPR requirements can get complex and costly. ESKA offers you a comprehensive consulting service to help your organization meet compliance hassle-free.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

The Virtual CISO helps the organization identify its current security maturity, analyze the risk scenario, detect what must be protected and the level of required protection, as well as to determine the regulatory requirements that must be met. 


Cybersecurity Outsource

A simulated attack on IT systems, using the methods of hackers, is carried out in order to determine the vulnerability of systems, after which appropriate protection measures can be taken.


Penetration Testing

The Red Team simulates a multi-stage attack and focuses on your company's digital assets. The aim is to sustainably strengthen the resilience of companies against cyber-attacks.


Security for Startup

Security for Startups is a necessity. In fact, more than 60% of cyber-attacks that affect SMBs happen because they lack adequate cyber protections that come standard with larger enterprises.