Task: Сreate IT Auditor for IT environment.
Solution: With this app, you always have the information at hand – a complete and up-to-date overview.You can track software, hardware and users.Scan your network within seconds, and manage your IT environment with Auditor’s deep scan technology, which enables to discover the network undependable on its size. Explore any IT-environment using a wide range of network protocols.Scanning is only the beginning. With a detailed overview of your network, you can start building on valuable insights to optimize your IT environment and improve your network reliability.

    Get Smart With Data & IT Asset inventoryAdhere ITAM best practices which will simplify the automation and the creation of templates, checklists, data models and more.
    Using IT Auditor, you can:· Group assets, mapping them to your offices· Link hardware to users· Initiate custom actions· Manage warranties· Track changes in software and hardware
    Delve into a Wealth of Detailed analysis and valuable insightsGet a clear picture of your IT landscape – use the IT Auditor report builder to write customized reports on rely on more than 350 built-in reports. Prioritize them, and overview the critical information in real-time on your dashboard.


4 Members

5 Developers, 1 Business Analyst, 1DevOps, 1 QA, 1 UI/UX Designer

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Project Duration

7 months

Of dedicated work