WordPress Security Monitoring

WordPress - minimal development cost and quick start from scratch. Many choose in favor of this platform and build successful online businesses based on it. WordPress Security Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of the availability of your site and guarantees its uninterrupted and secure operation.


WordPress is a leader in website development


The most popular CMS for creating a website


of all websites in the world are built on WordPress

over 500

websites daily created on WordPress


plugins and improvements developed for WordPress

Do you know, that

    WordPress is open-source software. It means that hackers can see the code, so you can find gaps easier than in a closed system.
    Plugin overload: every time you install a new plugin the performance of your site slows down.
    Insecure plugins. There is a colossal number of low-quality plug-ins with dubious code safety. Its continuous growth does not allow the platform to constantly and qualitatively check for the security of what appears on it.
    Over 10 million daily attacks on WordPress.

The way to solve the problem

Create a product from scratch exclusively for your tasks

The option is not bad, though expensive, and, in the long-term, with the deployment of every future additional feature, you need to involve a developer instead of using the constructor by yourself.

Switch to another CMS

In this case, you need to understand what specific tasks the future CMS should be designed for because they also have individual pros and cons. In addition, the issue of Open Source and third-party plugins will still be relevant.

Improve and secure the current website

It is one of the best options, allowing you to get a more reliable and high-quality web resource for a reasonable budget without significant losses in time.

We've developed an exclusive service - WordPress Security Monitoring (WPSM), that includes: 

We have spent a lot of time analyzing the vulnerabilities of our customers, considering the most common needs of customers using the WordPress platform.

Continuously monitoring availability

Real-time monitoring of the web resource's availability, assuring qualified 24/7 assistance and giving recommendations for eliminating vulnerabilities to maximize the efficiency of your business.


We provide a testing overload of your website and set up caching tools for better site performance.

Penetration testing

It is better to check your web resource's security twice a year, scanning it with automated tools. You could reach the ultimate security if you check each found vulnerability, analyzing the report with the provided recommendations on the errors and vulnerabilities found.

Elimination of vulnerabilities

Our programmers eliminate the vulnerabilities found and bring the site to a protected form(with all steps coordinated by your team).

DDoS protection

We protect your site from possible DDoS attacks by filtering traffic through a cloud-based DDoS protection service.

Content protection

We install protection against bots and parsing to protect your unique content.

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Database protection

We protect your site from SQL injection and database vulnerabilities.


We make a copy of your web resource. If the central web resource is unavailable, all traffic switches to this copy. After the main site is restored, traffic switches back to the prime website. Your customers won't notice the difference in service delivery.

Steps on the way to a secure website



Free consultation for all questions.


Signing an agreement

First, we define the conditions and requirements for the performance of work. Then we process signing the contract and NDA.


Penetration test 

We recommended doing a pentest twice a year, which is included in all subscription options, doing the first of the two at this stage. We analyze the structure and code of the site, identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for their elimination.


Implementation of recommendations

We control changes to the security of a web resource with the involvement of any of our specialists.


Protection and optimization

Set up Cloudflare, optimize site performance, and apply security settings (WAF, DDoS protection, Bot protection, etc.)


Performance Testing

We test the site on different platforms, check the site loading speed and existing restrictions (CAPTCHA, Rate Limiting, etc.)


Threat Monitoring 

The constant threat monitoring is ensured by the function of the site availability monitoring.
In case of an accident, you get an instant notification.



We provide a monthly/weekly report on the state of the web resource, its behavior, and performance.


Let's start with the Penetration test!
We recommend diagnosing your site for potential and existing threats before "real" hackers or competitors do.


Read our customer success stories to find out why they choose ESKA


Artem Klypa

CEO at Spectr Logistics

Our company is Spectr Logistics - a business in the area of car shipping. We were looking for an outsource company to design a matching engine between trucks and orders for car shipping.
The project was rapidly estimated and carefully developed and deployed. ESKA provided the best communication experience among all the outsourcing companies we met so far.


Vladyslav Kovtun

CEO at Kolo Agrarhandel GmbH

Yet we've done a small in-house solution for our business processes optimization and facilitation. The job was done quite quickly with good responsive communication. Looking forward to extend cooperation in new fileds.


Alexander Davydenko

Group Chief Innovation Officer at TECHIIA

I have a long story of relationships with Ivan, the ESKA CEO. His team provided the most extensive initial analysis and quite elaborate architectural solution which was delivered on time. Thank ESKA for wonderful cooperation on the blockchain pilot project.
It was a huge challenge to do the project in a rapidly changing technology landscape with multiple stakeholders constantly changing their minds.
ESKA proved to be highly competent in technology, diplomacy, crisis management and stress resistance.

What do you get in the result?

By connecting the WordPress Security Monitoring, you get guaranteed protection against external threats and prompt response to attempts by intruders to hack your website and all cybersecurity threat incidents.
You get in result:● Quickly identify internal vulnerabilities and act to address them● Analyze the work of the site● 8/5 or 24/7 monitoring of all movements on and off the website● Recommendations to improve your website 


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